Saturday, 24 September 2016

~ Deliciousness Abounds ~

A little while ago I had a birthday and I decided to treat myself to some more of Rachael Kinnison's beautiful creations. I ordered two more slate frames and a thread palette set and asked her to decorate  in her own original black work style. I had seen her do this for another client and I was hooked. It so reminds me of the black line drawings on the canvas of the 16th century embroidery style. Well, when they arrived today on a grey and rainy Saturday morning I could not have been happier. They are everything I could have dreamed of and more ~ I LOVE THEM ~ take a look and you will see why ~ what's not to motivate me to pick up my needle and thread now ~ thank you Rachael you are truly a beautiful and creative being and your talent brings me great pleasure ~ 

~ Jaw Droppingly Gorgeous Collection ~

~ Everywhere you look there are things to see ~ 

~ That Leopard I LOVE him ~

~ The flowers, the berries, the caterpillar, the butterfly ~

~ And that Lion and that Squirrel ~

~ There's even some Tiger Lily's there, thx Rachael ~

~ Love the snails too and that sweet Monkey ~

~ Beautiful Things ~

I couldn't be happier ~ now where did I put my needle! ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~

Friday, 23 September 2016

- An inkling of life again in these stitching fingers -

Last weekend, Sunday in fact,  I managed to sneek in a little bit of time to do some day time stitching. It's been a long time since I have been able to hang out in my studio space. I emptied it out in February this year so the builders could commence the renovation and it has dragged on for six very long wintery months as it is a building boom due to housing shortage here in Auckland and it is very difficult to get a builder to come focus on a renovation project when there is so much new build demand. But finally they are finished in my studio area and I have been unpacking all my goodies and arranging my stitching treasures around me once again.

One of the goodies I uncovered was my beaded mirror project. I got all excited and decided to break out my beads and make a tiny tiny inroad. What a pleasure it was to once again be spending some time on what it is I really love to do through the pleasure of spending a little time with my needle and thread.

~ My castle is finished ~ I carried on where I had left off &
added the grass ~ It's SO sweet isn't it!! ~ even if it is
my first attempt at beading and it's somewhat 'rustic' ~

~ The oak tree was already done but I finished the wee bit of
grass missing under that too ~

Now ~ what shall I do next ?

~ Can't help soaking up the cuteness each time I walk past that
adorable little castle ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Finally A Finish ~

The past year has passed in a blur. Yes, it's been nearly that long since I last posted. There's reasons for that of course ~

~ the loss of my husband in March 2015

~ returning to full time work in September 2015

~ a shortage of time and motivation to work on my needlework due to work and life

~ the only project I have worked on all year is a Sue Spargo BoM and you are banned from talking about it or posting progress pics until she publishes it as a pattern the following year. Yes it is controlling but you risk removal if you do not adhere so adhere I did

~ BUT ~

~ that year is over and I have finished the project so now I can sing like a bird about my achievement ~ FOLK TAILS is complete and hanging on a wall in my home and I LOVE IT! ~ wool and embroidered embellishment rocks and it is so easy to pick up and put down with many daily distractions coming at you ~ 

~ FOLK TAILS 2015~
~ Animals for Africa ~ 

Whilst there have been many trials this year there are positives too. Along with the love of my two beautiful daughters I have met a special someone through a mutual friend. It is so nice to be living and loving life again with a very kind and caring man. Recently I celebrated another wee milestone and I was totally spoilt and the gift he found and gave me was ~ well you'd never have guessed but how totally appropriate for a rural countryside residing stitching ladye such as me ~

~ Isn't it just so fabulous ~
Though I did make Maisie and her friend Meredith Mouse a Jill Maas design quite sometime ago never knowing she would be eventually driving a 'Singer tractor', the sewing machine was re-purposed by a clearly very talented and creative New Zealander ~ it's fantastic thank you Spence xoxoxo
~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


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