Friday, 3 February 2017

Putting My Necessaries To Good Use ~

I am on my way with another project. One that has been evolving since I joined the Thistle Threads Cabinet of Curiosities course several years ago. But it is a 'BIG' project and one that will take at least two years. I am joining the stitch along and have chosen to do the mostly tent stitch version but with some twists along the way maybe! I am for the most part following along with Tricia's graphs but will vary and change some things in and out. I really want to do my own design on one of my caskets but feel if I don't get started with this one I will never get past the designing phase so will tweak it as I please and utilise the basic design. I have decided to do the double casket which is the most involved with the most panels to complete. This I hope will be a catalyst to designing on my flat top casket and a stump work version...when I am closer to retirement maybe and have more time on my hands ~ !!!

Sooooo ~ I have pulled out my beautifully painted slate frames by the ever so talented and lovey Rachael from Diamond K Folkart, laced up my linen of choice and traced my design. So so so happy I am getting to finally utilise these lovelies on this gorgeous and oh so well suited project ~ not so easy to trace on this linen even with the light box but for the most part I can refer to Tricia's charts for shading and colours etc...just have to think about is a little more when altering the design...I do like having the traced outline on the linen tho rather than a blank canvas ~ 

~ the two friezes on either side of the lid  ~

~ the front and back panels of the lid ~

~ threads sorted and ready to start ~
I did get a little distracted the other day when passing by the frame holding my padded mirror case ~ little by little I might get there in my available lifetime ~

~ bright and pretty & feels good to get a few more beads in ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


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