Friday, 19 September 2014

A Ladye Is Waiting

Waiting for needle work supplies that is. But that has become just the normal course of events for consumers of fine needle work products in this day and age. The recession around 2008 sucked the willingness out of suppliers to hold inventory and so every thing is ordered on a 'just in time basis'. It can be frustrating but ultimately you know the goodies will arrive on your doorstep. Thank goodness someone still designs and makes them at all I say. 
It is irksome when you just want to get on with a project and I do want to get on with one although I suspect with this particular item  the postal service is more of the 'hold up' culprit this time.

I want to move along on my Sue Spargo project. I am making the Tulip Tote. So far I have prepared the background and cut out the first applique piece, the branch. Then that's where it stops! I ordered a selection of the wool threads to applique the wool pieces and it's not here yet....hurry up....patience not such a virtue when I want it right now!

Loving working with the loud and proud vibrant colours on this project. Loving the wool for a change of scene too.

I am also patiently waiting for next week to arrive and for the Yoko Saito workshops. Can't believe the day is already nearly here. My life is flashing by! I haven't had so much trouble waiting for this date as I had prep to do. But the prep is done and I am feeling good about that. Might even complete this project 'soon' after the class. Still feeling positive about that too!

Such a contrast in shades but I love the Japanese fabrics just as much as the coloured ones. In fact, that's my trouble, I love too many things!

I have been passing my time while 'waiting' in the evenings putting some stitches into a project that is not too taxing. In fact it is very simple and properly primitive. That darn Prim Stitchers Society is so very darned addictive. They are all abuzz with chatter about the fall season and halloween. Fall just happens to be my totally favourite season too and even though we are comming into spring the weather is cool and so I just had to get involved. There are so many cool prim designers/patterns that I have been unable to resist. And so, I have started stitching Pineberry Lane's Fancey Blackett's Brooms. Fancey is a cool and very captivating witch who features in many patterns. Yes, I will be doing more as I like this whimsical and primsical style of cross stitch. I love the shades of the thread and the 'dirty' looking linen.

I even got all excited and ordered some gourd and pumpkin seeds. I'm gonna plant some this spring so I can have my own goodies for display when fall arrrives in New Zealand next. Love those rambling vines and it's not like I don't have room and they don't need much attention! Now that's my kinda plant.

I received the most cutest new book from Quiltmania this week and I just have to share a snippet. It is Reiko Katos' latest book Little Stories of Cats. It has just the cutest little applique kitties in a bunch of different settings. I can feel one comming on. I guess I was also one of the lucky first 200 to order the book as I also got the charm size pieces of Japanese fabric that was the giveaway. The stack is over 1cm thick.Bonus!

Have a great weekend and I'll post again after Yoko's been.

Raewyn Anne

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Trouble With Spring....

.... is not this....I like this....'s this....I don't like this....weeding much more than this too....

....I would so much rather be doing this....

....weeding just reminds me that my favourite season is indeed Autumn otherwise known as Fall....I think I am having Fall envy seeing all the great harvest and halloween themed projects on facebook and arriving in the online needle work shops!

....Man I loathe weeding....that was two hours of my life today that  I will never get least I am inside now....on the internet....get off girl and go

Raewyn Anne 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Va Va Voom Valdani

I have been gathering and using the Valdani line of thread for some of my latest projects. The hand dyed and colourfast colours are so luscious. As desirable as an ice cream on a hot summer day, or a fire inside on a cold winter's night....comforting....lovely to use....and so convenient in those cute little balls. 

My very first experience of using the 3 strand cotton floss has been while I have also been doing my very first punch needle project. That project is Manor at Strawberry Hill designed by Brenda Gervais

As is normal for me, I did not choose the simplest of designs for learning a new skill. I can't do basic, I have to go with what I love and I loved this design. But as it turns out it really doesn't matter, punch needle is easy and surprisingly satisfying....punching that needle and creating those tightly packed loops is cool! I wanna do more! It is a project that moves fairly quickly, again not something normal in my world but it makes for a nice change in pace. 

Punching right off of that ball of 3 strand is so gosh darn convenient. There are other flosses is this kit that are 6 strand lengths. After each length you have to thread that  ole punch needle again but not with the Valdani, you can just carrying on punching until you reach the end of that sweet little ball of yumminess or until you wanna change colours of course. Fabulous and thank you Valdani for making such convenient joy possible. 

Aren't those varigated colour shades just so delicious! Of course these primitive designs were just made to soak up all this Valdani goodness!

Now, I wanna mention that I am a member of the Primitive Stitcher's Society on facebook. This is a fabulous group and a wonderful source of inspiration with so many awesome prim designers and folks sharing their primitive cross stitch/punch needle accomplishments. It is a real inspiration, thank you Dixie Samplar for starting up this amazing group.

Valdani also have a facebook page and I am chuffed that snippets of my little ole blog have been shared, not once, but twice on their page. Who would have thought in this big wide world that my extoling the virtues of Valdani would get noticed. Cool!

I also made an exciting purchase at my LGS (Local Giftware Shop) in the weekend. A chance find, this primo jar with a chalkboard sticker. Now what could I use that for, I asked myself....

.... I know....this is what my mind saw when my eyes saw that jar....My Valdani Stash....of pearl cotton #8 would look grand stored in there while I get my Sue Spargo projects ready for embellishment....and there's even room for more!!!!

Now that I have some Valdani experience under my belt I would love for them to start making the 3 strand in the tweed line....wouldn't a whimsical primitive punch needle look real neat in that flecky thread....I wanna give that a go.....PLEASE Valdani....make my wish come true....

Raewyn Anne

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Another Friday Night With Like Minded New Friends

Friday nights are always spent stitchin on something for me. My days of painting the town red are long gone, I sure don't miss that pressure or the hangovers! I can get up early on a Saturday and start stitching again....thanks for the company ladies .

Here's what I worked on this Friday past....

This is the preparation for the Yoko Saito class comming up at the end of September for the Floral Bouquet wall quilt in her latest book. I am starting to feel the time getting closer and needed to get this bit done. 

The last of the stems pinned into place ready for appliquing. Then it is onto the ribbons and the bow.

This is what the quilt will look like when it's further along. I understand we are to work on the detached flowers in class and the reverse applique border which is a swag type affair. Very pretty.

I have been stitching this latest applique with my new #10 tulip applique needles and aurifil thread. I love them both. 
The needle is awesome in the hand and has an eye large enough to thread by hand. You can get them here at Hancock's of Paducah .
I have read heaps about others loving the aurifil thread and I can see why now I have used it. I have been using gutermann 50wt up until now because that is the easiest to get and it always twists and knots. The aurifil did none of that, it was just lovely, I am sold, pleased also that I joined the aurifil thread club at Grandmother's Garden so I can keep collecting. The thread shown though is out of the 4 pack of Quilters Essentials by Edyta Sitar at Laundry Basket Quilts .

Well, that's what I got up to. I am closer to my goal of having the prep done in plenty of time. Now off to check up on what lovelies you guys spent your Friday night on. Thanks for having me.

Raewyn Anne

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Little Bit Of This And A Bit Of That....And A Milestone!

I've had a splendid time this weekend just passed. I have made it into the 50+ club!!! I am here, healthy and happy doing all the things that I love. What's not to like about turning 50. I am over that hump that comes with the turning 45 and thinking OMG I am nearly is behind me!!! 
My special big number birthday pressie to myself is making me even happier, despite the age it takes to relocate all your files from the old to the new and learn how to use the new! Thank goodness for google chrome/drive for making it so much easier than it used to be. I love, love, love the crisp clear graphics...I can see my digital magazines & my needlework related items without squinting over a laptop screen...woo hoo.

Happy Birthday to Me

And so on to a little bit of this and that....

....this #1 is Mountmellick, part 4 is complete and I am just so happy with this quilt. It just keeps getting better and better. I even managed to achive my goal of completing this part before the next part is issued. I wonder what the final two parts of this mystery will bring!

Spring is in it's way down here in New Zealand....

....this #2 is my very own attempt at Hazel Blomkamp's dancing threads. I did a bit more work on this up to the point where I need to do the next set of needle lace petals and then must fess that I did put it aside to pick up another project, but it will be back soon.
The photo's don't do justice to the 3D and beaded blinginess of the piece. It is also more creamy in reality. There are a lot of layers of work in a small space with this style of crewel work but the result is real cool.

.... this #3 was my new project, one I traced up last week and another technique I have not tried before. Punch needle is a lot of fun. It is so simple and works up pretty quick. I like the loopy result and I will be doing more when I want something less intense. Of course the primitive look is something I love and Brenda Gervais has so many to choose from that are just so sweet. I took this photo only a couple of days ago and am way further along already. 

....and that #1, my supplies arrived so I can make a start on my Sue Spargo African Tulip Tote. This pattern was published in the latest Quiltmania magazine and I just love all the funky colours.

I have been gathering the gorgeous hand dyed painters threads that are produced by Tentakulum and cannot wait to give them a go on this project.

 ....this gorgeous candy jar of Valdani thread awaits my embellishing with a needle....

 ....Sue's imaginative books  to fill my head with ideas....Sue Spargo just announced her first Craftsy Class this week. How could I resist....aren't those butterflies just stunning!

.... and this latest Valdani Tweed has me sooning, can't you just see that beautiful thread texturizing a project....

But before I get onto that project I need to tend to ....that #2.... it's September already and my classes with Yoko Saito are not far away. I have some stems/bows & leaves to applique and all I have managed so far is the tracing. Better get off this new toy and pull finger....

Hope ya'all have a grand week!

Raewyn Anne


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