Monday, 8 September 2014

Va Va Voom Valdani

I have been gathering and using the Valdani line of thread for some of my latest projects. The hand dyed and colourfast colours are so luscious. As desirable as an ice cream on a hot summer day, or a fire inside on a cold winter's night....comforting....lovely to use....and so convenient in those cute little balls. 

My very first experience of using the 3 strand cotton floss has been while I have also been doing my very first punch needle project. That project is Manor at Strawberry Hill designed by Brenda Gervais

As is normal for me, I did not choose the simplest of designs for learning a new skill. I can't do basic, I have to go with what I love and I loved this design. But as it turns out it really doesn't matter, punch needle is easy and surprisingly satisfying....punching that needle and creating those tightly packed loops is cool! I wanna do more! It is a project that moves fairly quickly, again not something normal in my world but it makes for a nice change in pace. 

Punching right off of that ball of 3 strand is so gosh darn convenient. There are other flosses is this kit that are 6 strand lengths. After each length you have to thread that  ole punch needle again but not with the Valdani, you can just carrying on punching until you reach the end of that sweet little ball of yumminess or until you wanna change colours of course. Fabulous and thank you Valdani for making such convenient joy possible. 

Aren't those varigated colour shades just so delicious! Of course these primitive designs were just made to soak up all this Valdani goodness!

Now, I wanna mention that I am a member of the Primitive Stitcher's Society on facebook. This is a fabulous group and a wonderful source of inspiration with so many awesome prim designers and folks sharing their primitive cross stitch/punch needle accomplishments. It is a real inspiration, thank you Dixie Samplar for starting up this amazing group.

Valdani also have a facebook page and I am chuffed that snippets of my little ole blog have been shared, not once, but twice on their page. Who would have thought in this big wide world that my extoling the virtues of Valdani would get noticed. Cool!

I also made an exciting purchase at my LGS (Local Giftware Shop) in the weekend. A chance find, this primo jar with a chalkboard sticker. Now what could I use that for, I asked myself....

.... I know....this is what my mind saw when my eyes saw that jar....My Valdani Stash....of pearl cotton #8 would look grand stored in there while I get my Sue Spargo projects ready for embellishment....and there's even room for more!!!!

Now that I have some Valdani experience under my belt I would love for them to start making the 3 strand in the tweed line....wouldn't a whimsical primitive punch needle look real neat in that flecky thread....I wanna give that a go.....PLEASE Valdani....make my wish come true....

Raewyn Anne


  1. Dear Raewyn Anne,

    Thank you for your enthusiastic words about Valdani threads. It's wonderful you love them.
    Regarding your request of getting the Twisted Tweed in 3-strand floss, I have to tell you that that is not possible: the three strands of thread are separated, while the twist aspect of the perle cotton comes from the fact that each two strands are twisted together (and do not separate). But the good /wonderful news is that you can use the perle cotton (twisted tweed or any other colors) in punch needle with (almost) the exact same look as the 3-strand floss.The only difference will be (just for the expert eye) that punch needle done in floss is slightly loopier. So, welcome to do your wonderful projects in the Twisted Tweed when you want that fabulous primitive look.

  2. Saw you on prim. Luved your blog post

  3. How cool you got a reply from Valdani! I love the look of your punch work, not something I've thought of doing before but you never know...! It does look like a project that grows quickly!

  4. Raewyn, Your punch needle project is incredible!! It is hard to believe this is your first attempt...your workmanship is beautiful. You have me thinking that perhaps I need to try this technique myself.

  5. Wonderful punch needle. I've used bunches of Valdani threads for wool appliqué - enough that I need to start hunting for a second candy jar. Love having that eye candy sitting on a bakers rack & easier to remember where I put it all.

  6. I completed Manor at Strawberry Hill. It's one of my favorites. Yours is beautiful. I used, and always do, Valdani #12 doubled. Cameo setting #1. I learned this from Rebecca at The Simple Quiet blog site. It works great. Just find the end at the top and bottom of the spool and off you go!


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