Friday, 19 September 2014

A Ladye Is Waiting

Waiting for needle work supplies that is. But that has become just the normal course of events for consumers of fine needle work products in this day and age. The recession around 2008 sucked the willingness out of suppliers to hold inventory and so every thing is ordered on a 'just in time basis'. It can be frustrating but ultimately you know the goodies will arrive on your doorstep. Thank goodness someone still designs and makes them at all I say. 
It is irksome when you just want to get on with a project and I do want to get on with one although I suspect with this particular item  the postal service is more of the 'hold up' culprit this time.

I want to move along on my Sue Spargo project. I am making the Tulip Tote. So far I have prepared the background and cut out the first applique piece, the branch. Then that's where it stops! I ordered a selection of the wool threads to applique the wool pieces and it's not here yet....hurry up....patience not such a virtue when I want it right now!

Loving working with the loud and proud vibrant colours on this project. Loving the wool for a change of scene too.

I am also patiently waiting for next week to arrive and for the Yoko Saito workshops. Can't believe the day is already nearly here. My life is flashing by! I haven't had so much trouble waiting for this date as I had prep to do. But the prep is done and I am feeling good about that. Might even complete this project 'soon' after the class. Still feeling positive about that too!

Such a contrast in shades but I love the Japanese fabrics just as much as the coloured ones. In fact, that's my trouble, I love too many things!

I have been passing my time while 'waiting' in the evenings putting some stitches into a project that is not too taxing. In fact it is very simple and properly primitive. That darn Prim Stitchers Society is so very darned addictive. They are all abuzz with chatter about the fall season and halloween. Fall just happens to be my totally favourite season too and even though we are comming into spring the weather is cool and so I just had to get involved. There are so many cool prim designers/patterns that I have been unable to resist. And so, I have started stitching Pineberry Lane's Fancey Blackett's Brooms. Fancey is a cool and very captivating witch who features in many patterns. Yes, I will be doing more as I like this whimsical and primsical style of cross stitch. I love the shades of the thread and the 'dirty' looking linen.

I even got all excited and ordered some gourd and pumpkin seeds. I'm gonna plant some this spring so I can have my own goodies for display when fall arrrives in New Zealand next. Love those rambling vines and it's not like I don't have room and they don't need much attention! Now that's my kinda plant.

I received the most cutest new book from Quiltmania this week and I just have to share a snippet. It is Reiko Katos' latest book Little Stories of Cats. It has just the cutest little applique kitties in a bunch of different settings. I can feel one comming on. I guess I was also one of the lucky first 200 to order the book as I also got the charm size pieces of Japanese fabric that was the giveaway. The stack is over 1cm thick.Bonus!

Have a great weekend and I'll post again after Yoko's been.

Raewyn Anne


  1. You sound just like me - love all that is out there so I seem to work on such varied projects (although must of mine are quilting). Love what you are doing, your Yoko piece is going to be especially gorgeous. Lucky you with the charms too, they and the book look so sweet.

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  3. Beautiful projects, the book looks lovely. Enjoy the class.

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  5. I am visiting after seeing you on Raewyn's blog, you have so many lovely projects on the go and your blog is gorgeous! Wendy


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