Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Trouble With Spring....

.... is not this....I like this....

....it's this....I don't like this....weeding arrrgh....so much more than this too....

....I would so much rather be doing this....

....weeding just reminds me that my favourite season is indeed Autumn otherwise known as Fall....I think I am having Fall envy seeing all the great harvest and halloween themed projects on facebook and arriving in the online needle work shops!

....Man I loathe weeding....that was two hours of my life today that  I will never get back....at least I am inside now....on the internet....get off girl and go stitch...lol

Raewyn Anne 


  1. haha funny post! I guess the weeds just keep coming back! Could we all just lay concrete and paint quilt patterns on it rather than gardens and lawn!

  2. hehe, with our mild winters my weeds never seem to have an off season, I think I'm still trying to do my autumn weeding!!

  3. You do beautiful work Rae. I'm so glad I found your blog!


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