Monday, 27 May 2013

Setting Up

So, with my two kits 'Mermaid Treasures' and 'Essamplaire Casket' I need to do some basic setting up before I can get to the fun bit. I have started the basting stiches for the mermaid and will continue on that tonight but this afternoon I managed to get the first section of the casket all set up in the evertite stretcher bars. I haven't used these before and must admit they are pretty cool to use so far. Now to the fun bit and loads of stiches and techniques that I have not attempted before....the Mt Everest of needlework learning curves but like fellow New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary who scaled Everest, I am not phased. Will just take it at my own pace.

My girls just loved their two quilts. They do look fab and I am rather chuffed that I have finally finished them both.

Got some more fab news in the weekend from Amy Mitten. My 'Needleworkers Pocketbook' kit has been posted and the first lesson is up. Awesome. Going to have fun juggling all these learning experiences. Bring it on :-)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dollie's All Finished

Fabulous, the Dollie's Quilt is all finished. It's very sweet and I am sure the youngest will love it. Kinda neat the way the dolls dresses, aprons and handbags are ironed onto fusible web and then fusible batting so they really do stick to the quilt so the pieces can be repositioned. Fun Fun Fun. Another long held project kitset completed. Loving this not having to rock up to a day job at the momment, you really can get your projects completed instead of them being a permanent fixture on the To Do List.

Also managed to get the silk pieces cut out for the Essamplaire casket I will be working on. I have decided that I am going to do this project on smaller evertite stretcher bars with one section at a time rather than the whole casket on a slate frame. Should be much easier to manage and of course more portable should my stitching location change from time to time.
So, just need to attach the twill tape to the silk, tighten up the frame and I can attempt my first stitches from the 2nd lesson. Big learning curve with all the stitches and the technique as have not done anything like this before. But I have lots of books and the desire so watch this space.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mermaid Treasures Kit

Soooo excited yesterday. Postie delivered my Mermaid Treasures Kit from Amy Mitten and it is a fabulous sight to behold. The fibers truly are 'To Dye For' and I am very excited to begin this project.

But first things first, I need to finish the 'Let's Play Paper Dolls' quilt by Karen Snyder that I have had for ages to do for daughter #2's room. Nearly there. Just finished the binding this afternoon so now I only have the doll's clothes to adhere fusible web & batting too so they will stick to the dollies on the quilt. Bit of fussy cutting to go still. Tomorrow, that's my goal so I can remake both their beds this weekend with the newbies. Watch this of completed quilt to be posted.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Another Project Completed

It's been a few days since my last post but I have not been idle, in between the time sucked up by kids and household chores that is. I have completed the Summer Daiz quilt for my eldest daughter's room and it looks fabulous. I hope she will be pleased. Now I need to finish the yougest daughter's one so I can gift together. Will look lovely on their beds and made by my own hands too :-)

Summer Daiz
My parents called in yesterday on the way to the airport. They fly out to join an APT Five Star River Cruise through Europe for three weeks starting in Amsterdam. Beautiful over there in spring so they will have a fabulous time at a leisurely pace. I wonder what I will achieve with my projects over that time :-) My sister who has lived in Ft Lauderdale, Florida for 13 years + is relocating back here to NZ with her two young daughters and husband. They arrive in the country the day after my parents return and are planning to settle in  my neck of the woods. Will be great for the cousins to go to the same school and to have family live close to me, will be most unique. We are all well dispersed. My sister is an artist who does wonderful palette knife paintings . .
I have been reading a fabulous fabulous new quilt book I received in the post from 'quiltmania' written by Di Ford called 'Primarily Quilts' What beautiful 19th century inspired designs and I am loving the broderie perse style and wanting to give it a go. She uses the awesome 'Den Haan & Wagenmaker's' repro indian chintz fabrics. I managed to hunt a supplier down who has stock so have of course placed an order .

Friday, 17 May 2013

Wet Friday

Good day for getting some stitching in today as has been raining here most of the day. Don't you just love being all cosy and warm inside with a needle in your hand or in your sewing machine when it's yuck outside.

So today I managed to get the binding attached on another quilt I have not long received back from quilting. This one's called 'Summer Daiz' and was a BOM offered by Jill Brake from Cottage Flair in Ngongotaha which is about 10 minutes from Rotorua township. Rotorua is colloquially  referred to as 'Roto Vegas' due to the numerous tourist activities available in the area. My Mum and Dad live there and I grew up there.

Just need to handsew the edges of the binding and I will post a photo.

I have also been working on a 'Very Long' sampler kit I purchased from 'The Essamplaire' a while ago. The finished sampler is 111cm long with 9 bands and I am on band #2. It is 35 count linen and so definitely requires good light and the magnifier.

                                                               My Progress

What it will look like

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Morning Glory Quilt Top Finished

It's been a couple of days since I blogged but I have not been idle. In between the usual household chores, running kids to ballet and gymnastics as you do and trying to tidy the garden which has been exploding with weeds since the drought here in NZ ceased and the warm moist autumnal temperatures set in, I have managed to complete the top for the Morning Glory quilt I have been working on. So just need to send it off for quilting which is not a task  I can muster interest to do myself. It will look fab once that is done as there are loads and loads of little applique pieces to 'pop out'. Now, which quilting project  to do next...

                                                                     WOO HOO

The other thing that happened in the last couple of days is that I received the link to the 'Mermaid Needlework Treasures' course offered by 'Amy Mitten Designs' The instructions look super well presented and clear and the online tutorial  is awesome. Alls I need now is the kit to arrive and I can start.I have enrolled late and so Lessons #1 to 4a have already been posted.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Happy Today

This morning the mailman delivered a super duper box of needlework goodies for moi. Textile and thread fix for breaky there's nothing like it. Quite some time before I discovered the Cabinet of Curiosities course at Thistle Threads I enrolled to do the Casket Course being offered by Margriet of The Essamplaire There has been some delay in sending out  the kits due to issues with the silk but it has finally arrived. Looking forward to her online postings now so the process can begin. I feel like I am a complete novice at this style of needlework and have much to learn. But nothing like jumping in the deep end with loads of enthusiasm to keep you afloat. Of course I also have her Bird Thimble kit so lordy knows when I will achieve that one. I am going to be busy as I have enrolled in several longer online courses but you need to take these opportunities as they may not be offered again so I am going to be learning, learning, learning.

Then this afternoon I managed to complete all the applique for the centre panel on the Morning Glory quilt I have been working on. WOO HOO that's 12 blocks and 1 panel done with sashings and border to go before sending off for quilting. The Morning Glory is a William Morris inspired design from Michele Hill of Australia . Check out her blog, she is a lovely lady  and her two design books are awesome .

Sunday, 12 May 2013

First Post

Hi there 'Like Minded Ladies'
I'm Rae and it is Mothers Day here in New Zealand today and this is my very first post on my brand new blog. I have been thinking of blogging for soooooo long now and it wasn't until yesterday that I finally got started. I followed links given by other stitchers to Amy Wilson's blog and finally motivated by her posts and her enthusiastic work ethic when it comes to stitching, I thought, I can do this. Of course I cannot imagine myself acheiving the amount of stitching Amy does on a daily basis but I figured it would at the very least serve to motivate me to achieve especially now that I have received Lesson #1 of the awesome 'Cabinet of Curiosities' outstanding and amazing online course offered by Tricia of 'Thistle Threads'
So a little background about me.... We live in a converted old methodist church built by early settlors to New Zealand in 1881. We are semi rural with a lovely view of the Auckland skyline which is 40 km's away. I live here with my husband Craig and two daughters Tiger Lily who is 12yrs and Jazmin who is 6yrs along with our two cats Paris and Louis. I adore all things historical to do with needlework, doing my own needlework along with all things interior and french with a shabby chic twist.
I have been doing needlework off and on since I was a young adult. My Mum is a prolific needleworker and has stitched some awesome hardanger and stumpwork embroideries in the Jane Nicholas style Of course being a Mum of young children and work commitments ( I am an accountant by profession) have largely restrained me over the years and I have done more needlepoint tapestry to date than any other styles. But now as I have been able to undertake a well earned break from paid employment thanks to my husband's property development skills I have been so far on a year long journey learning all about historical needlework  online and from copious books which started with a fascination with Berlin Woolwork and the amazing handpainted charts from the mid 1800's and has now culminated in an obsession with embroidered caskets. Once I discovered Thistle Threads I was hooked. Being so far away down here in little NZ with no access to museum archives other than books and online, the Cabinet of Curiosities course is a lifeline.
Of course I also love doing applique style patchwork  and have a stash of needlework and sewing projects that would far outstrip my lifetime but the mind is willing and I am not quite at the big five zero but not far off and so I better get started...
....Here is a little glimpse into my space and my personality ......... :-)



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