Friday, 24 May 2013

Dollie's All Finished

Fabulous, the Dollie's Quilt is all finished. It's very sweet and I am sure the youngest will love it. Kinda neat the way the dolls dresses, aprons and handbags are ironed onto fusible web and then fusible batting so they really do stick to the quilt so the pieces can be repositioned. Fun Fun Fun. Another long held project kitset completed. Loving this not having to rock up to a day job at the momment, you really can get your projects completed instead of them being a permanent fixture on the To Do List.

Also managed to get the silk pieces cut out for the Essamplaire casket I will be working on. I have decided that I am going to do this project on smaller evertite stretcher bars with one section at a time rather than the whole casket on a slate frame. Should be much easier to manage and of course more portable should my stitching location change from time to time.
So, just need to attach the twill tape to the silk, tighten up the frame and I can attempt my first stitches from the 2nd lesson. Big learning curve with all the stitches and the technique as have not done anything like this before. But I have lots of books and the desire so watch this space.

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