Monday, 27 May 2013

Setting Up

So, with my two kits 'Mermaid Treasures' and 'Essamplaire Casket' I need to do some basic setting up before I can get to the fun bit. I have started the basting stiches for the mermaid and will continue on that tonight but this afternoon I managed to get the first section of the casket all set up in the evertite stretcher bars. I haven't used these before and must admit they are pretty cool to use so far. Now to the fun bit and loads of stiches and techniques that I have not attempted before....the Mt Everest of needlework learning curves but like fellow New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary who scaled Everest, I am not phased. Will just take it at my own pace.

My girls just loved their two quilts. They do look fab and I am rather chuffed that I have finally finished them both.

Got some more fab news in the weekend from Amy Mitten. My 'Needleworkers Pocketbook' kit has been posted and the first lesson is up. Awesome. Going to have fun juggling all these learning experiences. Bring it on :-)

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