Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Past Two Weeks

Well, what have I achieved in the past two weeks. Quite a bit actually but I haven't stopped to blog about it, very remiss. 

I have been continuing to beaver away on my Mermaids Treasures to the exclusion of all other needlework. I am a little, actually a lot over the over one on the scallop shell. Despite running out of the 'Old Lace' coloured thread twice now I have made inroads. I have my second and final request into Amy to supply the remaining threads but plenty else with it to carry on with. There was a miscount in the kit on this colour and the 'Poison Berry' so not due to my stitching methods that the threads are short. I am chuffed with myself for finishing all the scallop back and about halfway through the front. Quite an achievement. It might not look like much but over one on 32 count is a lot a individual tent stitches in a pattern that is easy to get lost in.


Want to get through this as another lesson has been posted and it looks fun.

The weekend before last I had to fly to Wellington to attend my sister in law's funeral. It was a beautiful and calm day and the view of the snow on the montains on the way down was beautiful. The ceremony was very spiritual and uplifting and I was moved by the experience. We did not live close and so did not know Yasmin, who was Malaysian, very well. I got a true picture of who she was and her relationship over 12 years or so with my brother and was glad I went. There was a gorgeous rainbow over the harbour in the afternoon which was very fitting.

Aside from the Mermaid's I have been working on a commisioned memorial album for a past work colleague and have nearly completed this project to a stage to be gifted to her mother. Sinead immigrated to New Zealand from Ireland and the family were unable to attend the funeral so this dedication from her work colleagues is very fitting.


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