Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Delicious Project is Complete

I DID IT!!!!! I finished the Mermaid Needlework Treasures and the set is proudly on display in my curio cabinet. I just need to blog as I have an insane need to share the  joy  and to spread the needlework love to all those out there who might happen upon my blog.
You can still do this project, It is a beyond fabulous mecca of learning and a joy to produce such a high quality end result. Thank you Amy Mitten for your brilliant design and excellent course, I learnt soooo much.
The set of four pieces are represented by, an antiqued mirror scissor keep with stumpwork mermaid , a fish pin and needle holder, a scallop shell thread and thread winder holder and a snail tape measure. In reality the pieces are even more sparkly and brilliant than one novice photographer with and iphone could ever portray.

Oops - missed basting has since been removed - thanks Amy for alerting me ;P


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