Tuesday, 28 October 2014

On Going and Going On

Despair today, my saga with the 'icky dirty little sods (idls)' (thanks Leeanne, aptly named!) is ongoing. I had a wee lull during the week as they stopped raining down on me and then the smell kinda amped up again...I think the whole extended family ate the poison intended for them and this was their death wish....a haunted October!!!! Unbelievably now that we are into what must be the second week of this drama, the flow of 'idls' down from the ceiling has increased not decreased. Today is the worst day ever. They have forced my out, I have evacuated my studio for the dining table this past week, I only go in to 'collect and squish'...can you hear me screaming from your house!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*....maybe not over the noise of DIY and power tools and mess added into the mix here!!!!!!

Anyways, I am becoming less squeamish, no choice really, hardened to this disgust fest now...but still pretty much only stitching in the evenings....that's the going on bit....going on with my life as they lose theirs...

Of course it has also been an unusually long weekend here, Labour Day and then the kids are still home today as it is a day in lieu for the calf club Saturday. Not much project wise is getting done! I should be starting work on a commission for a scrapbook album for a friend but I need my studio...I don't want to relocate all the bits needed for that.I was hoping to start this week but I think it will be the next....at least I have managed to do the gathering for the specific bits needed. The album is for a work colleague of my friends, her boss who has now left, an eccentric character who I knew when I worked there so I can have some fun with this one.

I am loving working on some Stacy Nash projects at the momment. They are delightfully primitive. I finished the stitching on the 'Old White Farmhouse Sampler'. Just need to  distress it and age it and decide just what I am going to finish it into.

Then I started work on the Pins, Needles & Scissors....this was a Stacy Nash kit I got from Broomfields when I went to the Stitches and Craft show in Hamilton in September. It's stitched on Weeks Dye Works linen - Cocoa and using Gentle Arts Threads. I love the variation in the overdyeds.

Well that's been my week, hope, hope & hope that I will not be mentioning bugs in my next post! That pile of commission supplies may, just may have begun to morph into something more attractive than what I have been dealing with....LOL through gritted teeth!


  1. I've been thinking about you and your ghoulish situation, wondering how you are holding up; surely the end is in sight...soon...ish?! Glad to see you're getting a little done and hopefully retaining your sanity that way. The Stacy Nash designs are lovely, they're both gorgeous but I particularly like the bottom one.

  2. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel! All I can say is I am glad the smell isn't coming through the computer.


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