Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Ladye's Resplendent Passiflora Vine

One of my all time favourite of favourite flowers is the resplendent Passiflora. It has a mind to be the Peacock of flowers. A meandering & wandering vine that is breathtakingly beautiful from beginning to end. First, those divine and enchanting white and purple blooms, so magnificently complicated, arrive in the spring. Then all through the summer the vines hang with growing green fruit, a mass of waxy green leaves and those wandering tendrils that seem to grow visibly in a day. Then as the late summer turns into Autumn those yummy and vibrant purple shaded fruits ripen and fall and once opened a gorgeous array of black and gold. A true treasure chest of the fruit world. 
What's not to like, Passiflora,  you make this Ladye smile and it just so happens that all shades of that decadent and regal of colours, purple, attest to be my favourite. 

I love seeing these flowers appear in my garden....conjures up visions of warm days and ripening life is moving on to nicer places after the past few weeks....

This week I was determined to make a start on the scrapbook album my friend has commissioned. The determination worked and the creative juices are flowing with fun being had back in my studio again after a two week or so hiatus horribilis. Isn't just starting something always the hardest part!!!

So far, an album is covered and three pages are helps that the subject of this book is known to me and she is a very lively and colourful character....makes the embellishments and captions much more fun to play with....

My evening projects are a duo at the moment. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Just to mix it up and to feel like I am getting somewhere on more than one project!

Continuing to cross stitch away on the Stacy Nash scissors,needles/pins necessaries. I am just loving these shades of overdyed's on this linen and  am still fully intending to prim up the project with some coffee distressing once completed. It is nice to work with such a simple colour pallete with only four shades of thread selected. 

Before I stitch on the necessaries I am putting a few applique stitches each evening into the lozenges for the four part five borders on Mountmellick. The final part six will arrive soon and it looks real busy. Quiltmania have released the magazine. Better get a rattle on as would like this baby to be a 2014 finish. One border strip done and number two started....loving all those reds!

That sums up my creative week....


  1. I had the most beautiful passion flower that my sister had given me as a housewarming gift. I've actually been trying to rid myself of it for years! It is out of control, and if I'm not quick enough, will strangle my other flowers.
    I've tried transplanting it along my back fence, but it refuses to grow there, only stubbornly flourishing in my front garden.
    But I agree, they do that the loveliest flower!

  2. So glad your nasties seem to be done and dusted...??!! And great to see your creative juices are flowing again. The scrapbooking looks like lots of fun. Beautiful progress on your evening projects too. I received my latest Quiltmania yesterday but haven't got far enough through it to see what the next Montmellick reveal is. I love your reds too :-) I have never had much luck with Passionfruit...have one very helthy vine with the beautiful flowers but it NEVER sets fruit!


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