Saturday, 11 April 2015

Heartfelt Thanks & Some Joy In My Life Again ~

I just wanted to say first up, thank you to all of you who read my blog and took the time to leave an expression of sympathy at our loss ~ it is with much gratitude, appreciation and heart felt thanks that I read all of your comments and it is nice to know that others care even though it is such a big wide world and in most cases we live so far apart. My daughters and I are slowly stepping one foot forward at a time ~I am so grateful that I have my 'needlework passion' to immerse myself in whilst I re-adjust to a world that is quite out of sorts ~

But amidst the sorrow is joy, joy gained from the generosity and beauty of spirit shared with those others who love to create. A beautiful friend, a friend I have not met as we live in different hemispheres sent me the most divine gift in memory of my husband. A gift crafted with her own hands and one which has been watching over her own family before she came to live with me and my girls just this past week. The gift is beyond precious to me and is just perfect, I will treasure her in remembrance of my husband every day ~ my 'Joy Angel' ~

~ We live in a converted church and she just fits right in~ 

~ O my word she is just beautiful, I LOVE her ~

~ Just look at that gorgeous gown ~

~ And that darling early American crackled face, those red lips, those eyes , that hair ~

~ And the rusticated cross with dedication to Craig and wax seal ~

~ Beyond amazing and a gift to be  truly treasured ~ thank you Rachael ~ 
~ Look Rachael, I had the perfect globe and base for her, I had already aged this for another
project but it's perfect for my 'Joy Angel' ~

I am feeling really quite blessed this post, blessed that despite the trials life sends your way, there are those that truly care ~

I met another online friend for the first time just before Easter. She lives only a few hours away and she came bearing a finished project of mine. Leeanne from Quiltmekiwi returned Mountmellick to me all quilted and needing only her binding sewn down. Thank you Leeanne it was so lovely to put a face to the name and to have a chat over a coffee whilst admiring all mine and your hard work ~

What an amazing quilt, what a great mystery project Quiltmania, what a great design Di Ford, what great quilting Leeanne ~ she's beautiful ~

~ Just lounging around ~

~ Striking a pose ~

~ Fabulous vase of chintz flowers ~

~ Twirling vines, hexies, circles and triangles galore ~

~ Love the feathering in the border ~

~ Love the swirls and twirls making everything 'pop' ~

~So much going on, just as I wanted ~

~ Those swags and diamonds make such a beautiful frame ~

~ And the back side's a stunner too ~

~ Another beautiful dutch chintz was my choice for the backing ~

~ Loving the pebbles and the 'popping' elements ~

~ I grew to love hexies doing this project ~

~ WOW ~

What more is there to say ~ but thank you SO much my beautiful stitching and creative friends ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. Hello Raewyn Anne, Your Joy Angel is so very beautiful that my eyes filled up with tears reading about her & how she came to arrive at your beautiful home. How lovely & how appropriate. Leeanne came to spend a night with me after visiting with you & delivering your gorgeous quilt. I have followed sneak peeks of her quilting it on facebook but to read her post of it yesterday & to see it displayed in your beautiful home ... it is just SO very gorgeous & amazing. I see something different in it every time I look at it. Well done on making something so stunning. I often think of you & hope you are all doing okay - still small steps I imagine x0x0x

  2. Raewyn, what a post! The Joy Angel truely is a treasure, she is beautiful, and sits perfectly there with you in your home. I hope she continues to look over you and help to mend your soul. And Montmellick, such a masterpiece, I loved seeing all the details, congratulations on completing such a gorgeous quilt - what a journey that one was!

  3. Dearest Rae . . . How wonderful it is that you are seeing beauty in the world once again. Your optimism and love will teach your girls well. The angel is beautiful . . . I recognized Rachael's work right away.
    What a beautiful quilt as well, your stitching amazes me! . . . A true symbol of the warmth in your home!
    Peaceful stiches . . . . L

  4. What an amazing show of love and true concern from one artist to another. Your "Joy Angel" will bring you much needed solace every time you look at her. And your quilt is beyond amazing .

  5. Dear Rae, I just now learned of your loss and wish to express my support and sympathy to you and your girls. It is a blessing to have the work of your fingers and imagination to get through this rough time, thank goodness you are a creative and talented soul. Keep that optimistic outlook, I admire you for it! Wishing you smooth sailing ahead.

  6. What a truly thoughtful and perfect gift for you, your very own Joy Angel! I am sure she will watch over you and help bring some peace and joy to you and your girls. It was a real pleasure to quilt for you, such a beautiful quilt and I know how many hours of love and maybe a few 'what the heck am I doing' moments went into making your Mountmellick quilt. Lovely to have met you, I hope it won't be the last time we meet. Take carexxx

  7. XOXOXOXX Rae~ I wish I could have squished myself into the box along with her :) Your Mountmellick came out so beautiful~ Leeanne did MORE than a superb job~ and over the top job for an over the top quilt~ and the bit of trapunto on the swags was perfect~ see~ if you wouldnt have fused them in the first place, you wouldnt have thought to go back and overstuff!

  8. What a beautiful Blog you have. I recently met Leeanne as she visited me after she had been to visit you, she is a beautiful person through and through isn't she. That quilt of your is divine and so perfect for your home. I have dreamed of living in an old church forever. Time and your handiwork will help with your healing journey, but remember there is no time limit or right way or wrong way on this journey. I wish you well.


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