Saturday, 26 September 2015

Slate Frames & Sisterhood

I am so blessed to be a part of the stitching sisterhood. The group of women who enjoy the gentle art of creating with a needle and thread.The worldwide community of women who just 'get' you and your passion. I have made some lovely friends over the past three or so years since I have been blogging and have been able to indulge my passion full time. Many of those friends are online and I have never met them in person, others I have met but the miles do not seem to make one jot of difference to how close you can become and to feel like you know them and have known them for an age and just 'get' them too.

My life took an unfortunate turn of events in March this year when my husband and partner of twenty years was killed in a work accident ~ it's taken a while for my daughters and I to adjust but through that time my needlework sustained me as did the kindness and caring of those 'like minded' friends, many of whom sent such kind thoughts and gave with such generosity ~ I am so lucky to have such a fabulous passion and to be a part of such a great community and I do so appreciate you one and all. 

As I headed back to the workforce this week, for the first time in three years to my vocation as an accountant, the girls and I are  adjusting to our 'new normal'. Things are busy and there will not be anywhere as much time now to indulge my passion ~ the evenings will be my only stitching time ~ but no matter how small the snatching's of time, the satisfaction of such a great past time will endure.

This week when I came home from work one day a parcel was waiting for me on the step ~ it must be karma ~ this parcel had been trying to get to me but customs had interfered and slowed the process ~ but that meant that this fabulous meaningful parcel was to arrive as the pace of my life shifted and to remind me of the personal joy in life received from the hands, time and generosity of others ~ I commissioned Rachael of Ladies Repository Museum to make and decorate a slate frame for me to fit the size of the fancy mirror from Thistle Threads I will one day embroider. It's not so easy to find a frame this size and so I was delighted when Rachael started offering them and with the added bonus of being decorated in your style of choice by her elegant and mega talented hands. My request to Rachael when asked what design was ~ and I quote ~ 

Here's where my head is at the moment....I love the floral twirling style vine around you twin been skep palette and was thinking maybe something like that (or berry vine) all around and maybe threaded into two needles coming towards each and on either side of my 'fancy pants' name....or it could be two little birdies holding the needles in their beaks with the vine threaded. Also like the idea of ribbon's and bows, swags or tassels intertwined with the vine. Lots of bees all around and of course a skep would be a treat and maybe a butterfly or two and I adore owls.....and I love squirrels too....told you I couldn't stop...

Please interpret at your leisure and it will be interesting to see how you de code my head...

~ blah ~ blah ~ blah ~ it was all a bit much of a request to be fair to fit on a not overly large area and I just left it up to Rachael and her talent really ~ but no matter what ~ when I received that frame back from Rachael I just knew I would love it whatever she did ~ AND I DO ~ Rachael has put so many personal touches into the frame for me, the girls and Craig and I just love that the flowers she chose were Tiger Lily's and Jasmine ~ for my girls Tiger Lily and Jazmin ~ Fabulous ~ Fabulous ~  Fabulous ~ thank you so much for your talent Rachael and for being my friend and for the sisterhood across the miles ~ I feel like I know you so well and yet we have never met ~ one day maybe ~~~~

Here's some eye candy for those others in the sisterhood who A) know just what a slate frame is and b)appreciate awesome talent when they see it ~ isn't it fab ~ but do please excuse the orientation and the sneaky foot ~

~ Not easy to get these very long pieces in the frame ~

~ Bee skeps, bees, roses,  tassels and bows ~
~ Yummy ~

~ Needles and ribbons, Tigerlilys and Jasmine AND
butterflys ~ & a mermaid ~ Gorgeous ~

~ If you look closely the bees are busy away from
the hive too with those roses ~

~ I feel blessed to have made such neat friends with
so much amazing talent ~ The glass is always
half full no matter what life throws at you ~

As for what I have been up to with my stitching  it's all Sue Spargo BOM and I'm not allowed to talk about that until she releases it as a pattern next year and so lucky  for me Rachael's not so precious so my blog can dust off the cobwebs and have something to talk about ~ have a happy weekend ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. You are so sweet Rae~ it was a pleasure & HONOR to make your frame for you! I bet if you take your Sue Spargo to work with you to work on over lunch, you will soon have some new stitching friends!
    XOXOXOX rachael

  2. Wow, I've missed a bit of your life lately! I'm so glad you are back to blogging even if its sporadic. I'm sorry you're life has changed suddenly and you're greiving. Do take care to rest and go slow. My friend lost her husband recently to a heart attack and she needs a gentle hand for as long as it takes for her to recover. Sisterhood!

  3. I too have met some great blogging friends. Like you say it is like you have know them for years and when/if you get to meet them it is totally awesome . It seems that a lot of bloggers have a lot in common and eager to stitch. Enjoy your new job and i agree am sure you will try and manage some stitching During your lunch break.

  4. Your sentiments about blogging land ring true for me as well, Raewyn, it really is an amazing sisterhood. Love the slate frames - no, I didn't know what they were - they are gorgeous and soooo personalised.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of what you and your girls have experienced this year, I read your quiet post and saw what a great dad he appears to have been. Hold onto the memories, they will last you and your girls a lifetime. Glad to see your mom is a great support to you all.

  6. Sorry for you


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