Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's Raining, A Perfect Day To Do Needlework, But......

My sister want's to do lunch as she is not working today and I haven't seen her for a while, so I will have to put the needle down. I can feel things creeping onto the backburner as the school holidays edge closer and closer until Friday they are here for two weeks. We also have the school calf club day on Saturday and there are always loads of projects/animals that the kids/mum have to prepare!
Still you and the kids are always tired at the end of term and it will be nice to have a break from the routine.
So onto my project gains this week. No parcels from the postman to add to my stash this week, how boring!
I finished lesson #7 for the Mermaid Treasures and have started the backstitching for lesson #8. This is the last lesson with needlework prior to commencing the finishing. The finishing.....should I be scared!!!!!!

Mermaid Treasures Lesson #7
I completed the satin stitching on the Essamplaire Casket frieze and the detached buttonhole body for the butterfly. Margriet emailed to say she was posting the next lesson last week. I wanted to be further ahead before she did this but alas not. I tried not to look ahead but I finally gave in. Looks like fun and will be nice to be working on a larger motif rather than lots of tiny ones for a bit. First, I need to finish the frieze!

Essamplaire Casket
I made a start on the Floral Glove. I backstitched the two carnations and put in the first row of long and short satin stitch into the first carnation. I think I will have to get out my magnifiers to do the second row as cannot clearly determine where to place the needle. The needle in the kit has a burr on the end which I have tried to emery and might need to file....very annoying as it catches just a little on the silk thread when going back through it for the satin stitch.
Thistle Threads Floral Glove
I also placed the Thistle Threads May You Hands into the Millenium Frame ready to start and have marked the start point, not stitches yet though. It will happen.

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