Friday, 25 October 2013

A finish

This week I managed to FINISH a project. The Butterfly Pinkeep that is a small project for the Cabinet of Curiosities course is completed and looking as pretty as the butterfly stitched upon it. The point of this was to learn the casket technique for shading with tent stitch. It served that purpose well. However the linen used is a closely woven Montrose 1750 24 count so not all background has to be filled but where you do stitch needs 3 threads in the needle for good coverage which means you need to use a laying tool. Fortunately I have a true gem of a laying tool made by JRCrafter that is fantastic in the hand even when using two hands on a roller frame. It is perfectly balanced and I totally recommend getting one if you do not have one already.
I have started keeping a record of the time spent on projects. This little piece took 27 hours.
Butterfly Pinkeep - Thistle Threads
I managed also to get some more done of the sawtooth border for the May Your Hands. It doesn't seem like much but this is slow going linen and needs magnification. I now have the cross stitch for the borders completed for the scissor book, needle book and scissor fob and have started on the pillowbook. A ways to go yet and then I need to fill the border in with satin stitch.
May Your Hands - Thistle Threads
I made a small start on the Needleworker's Pocketbook body piece. Amy Mitten has sent a newsletter to tease us with a new project she is releasing for the winter solstice. Can't wait to see what that is. I also ordered a couple of her workshop samplers from her during the week. The Final Soliloqey and Queens Secrets I. I received the additional thread I needed from Amy  today to carry on with the seed stitch on the Mermaids Treasures and start putting the pieces together, hooray!
Needleworker's Pocketbook - Amy Mitten

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