Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Projects Are All Calling To Me For Attention.......

I have so many projects I want to work on and so many WIP's. I have been juggling all this just fine but now things feel like they are starting to close in. With spring gardening, school finishing for the year in about 5 weeks and then 6 weeks school holidays and then we are the venue for the family xmas celebration and so need to sort my menu and supplies, I am feeling like the walls are closing in! Organising xmas presents for kids also takes loads of time. Thank goodness my siblings and parents all agreed to stop present swapping.
Whilst all those in the northern hemisphere are hunkering down spring here in the southern hemisphere creates loads of extra garden work and much less time for stitching.

I have however, of course, managed to achieve some results this week. I have finished all the tent stitch words on the May Your Hands and started some of the interesting stitches that I have not done before. I completed the grassy mound in long armed cross stitch and have started the border under the word scissors in 4 sided stitch. I have moved the work to  a frame now as I need to do the satin stitch in the saw tooth border. It's feeling awkward though as is a larger frame with all the pieces on one piece of linen. I miss working in hand!!!! 

The Grassy Mound

May Your Hands - Thistle Threads

My gorgeous helper - Louis
I received a few goodies in the mail this week. Adding to the 'stash bank' as no foreseeable start date on these lovelies yet.
I ordered this mermaid themed sampler and threads from The Inspired Needle. The sampler is a Just Nan and the threads are all boxed up and tied with a bow by access commodities. I just need to order the linen for this now.
 Sirens of the Sea - Just Nan
I also received two patterns I ordered directly from Giulia Punti Antichi

Mary Queen of Scots Needle Casket

 A Canadian Journey - Sewing Necessaire
And of course I also received my kits for two of Amy Mittens outstanding creations. The fabulous sampler The Final Soliloquy and the Secrets of  a Queen I Purse.

I did manage to do a little work to continue on with creating all the pieces for the Kereru Wall Quilt. I finished and cut out one bird and stated the second. Still getting the hang of this machine embroidery and thinking about shading. Good practice for getting my brain to start thinking this way for eventual stitching of my own casket in who knows how many years time. I wonder how far down the chain I am now for receiving my flat top casket from Thistle Threads!
Oh and I nearly forgot. I also received my order from Traditional Stitches. This one has taken a while to supply. I love the Nantucket Letterbox and the pattern was one from Sue Hillis sometime ago but I just love it and seem to have fostered a love of mermaids from doing Amy Mitten's Mermaid Needlework Treasures. Speaking of that Amy has released the first instructions for completing the mirror. I have to go source some distilled water. Why is there always something weird you need with these things that you may never use again. Mind you having said that I might use this technique on the 17th century mirror I will one day work on from Thistle Threads oh and maybe a casket mirror. So excellent Amy. another technique so well described that I can take to another project.

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