Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mission Accomplished

Woo Hooey Hoo

I spent a goodly part of yesterday lacing up my first ever slate frame and tracing on the design for my Mirror with Doors. This project is the one that Tricia is working on for the Thistle Threads Cabinet of Curiosities Part II Stumpwork.

It certainly does take quite some time to stitch the linen to the cotton tape and then to lace the sides, or in my case, lace the top and bottom as I have had to turn the project around in the frame in order for it to fit.

So proud of myself and I am no longer a slate frame virgin!
And then the tracing, oh the tracing. I figured that the tracing would be better left until I had laced the slate frame as the weight of the frame would help to more firmly hold the linen in position whilst I traced the design.  My figuring was right! After lacing the frame I ironed some freezer paper onto the back as Tricia suggests to help the linen surface not be so 'lumpy' for the pen to trace and so the lines are smoother. It does work. I then taped the printed design onto the light box so that wouldn't shift and then laid the frame over my A3 size light box and thank goodness, it just fitted, so I wouldn't have to fuss around with moving it to trace all the design....bonus!
Then I made darned sure my frame was not hanging over the edge of my table so I wouldn't knock it when leaning over to trace. It worked for the most part but I still knocked it a bit during the process. Being ever so careful to not knock and checking constantly with another printed design beside me on the table I began to trace and oh what a mission. It did take a while and I had to keep stopping and shaking my aching arm but it's done and it was done just as the kids came home from school. Whew!!!!
Isn't it such a pretty design!
Next task is to start on outlining all the flowers around the mirror surround with Elizabethan Twist couched with Tire Silk. I need to just start so the daunting feeling evaporates... :D
I feel I am going to be getting to know these two quite well!!!


  1. You made a very good job ! Happy that finally you are going to start to stitch your mirror, I feel a bit "lonely" doing mine and really would love to see other works in progress. Good luck !!

  2. This is just going to be fabulous! I am loving the entire process, it is, to me, part of what it means being an expert needlewoman. I am not that, but you certainly are, bravo!

  3. Hi there,
    I just found you on the web because I was looking for some Cabinet of Curiosities pictures and blogs. I've read a couple of your blog pages and I like it here a lot (put you immediately in my blogroll).
    As you can imagine, I'm also thinking about taking the class but ... it isn't even the total cost that's overwhelming ... I'm more afraid of the customs rates (here in Belgium they tend to be high)!
    Will be following your progress with lots of interest!
    Kind greetings,

  4. What a huge job! Congratulations of Getting It Done :-)


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