Friday, 4 April 2014

Because You're Gorgeous

Hello stitching friends out there in the blogosphere and thank you so much to the lovely ladies who have left some really nice comments on my  blog. I really do appreciate your encouragement not to mention taking my own sneak peek at your own blogs to see what crafty activities you have been undertaking....such fun but one has to be careful as the time sure drifts away when you keep following links...
My achievements this week have been 'fruitful', pun intended...
You will be proud of me Ellen, I have not put the Fruit of the Vine away into the stash since returning from my lovely time spent with you and the other ladies in Hawkes Bay. I have been beavering away on the needle roll and really quite enjoying all the specialty stitches that are totally new to me. It is going quite quickly this bit but then it helps that it is only a couple of inches across. Good practice though before tackling the sampler. I think I might do all the small pieces first before that.

Those little birdies are so sweet.... tweet tweet
I had a finish, well the stitching is finished anyway. I still have to 'finish finish' the Needleworker's Pocketbook.

I am thinking at the moment that I might have to set aside some time in the next short while to have a 'finishathon' as now the Floral Glove, May Your Hands AND the Needleworker's Pocketbook are all awaiting construction. No Excuses!
I didn't make any progress this week on the Mirror apart from moving it from the floor onto my trestle/supporting frame setup. This is a marvellous ensemble available from Margaret Lee
I was going to outline the flowers in the 2% gold Elizabethan twist but looking at it against the drawn lines and bearing in mind that the flowers will be filled with chunky silk pearl purls where some linen will be visible, I think it is too fine to give good coverage over the pen line. Tricia used  1 1/2 gilt twist and I have ordered some from Hedgehog Handworks so I am going to wait for that to arrive and compare but I suspect the diameter is slightly larger. Not to mind, plenty of other things to continue on with.
Speaking of continuing on, I have been doing so with the Mountmellick and she is looking GORGEOUS. I just love, love, love, the design of this quilt, all the fabrics used in this quilt and the mystery of this quilt. I did all the broderie perse and doesn't that vase full of flowers look divine. I also spent yesterday attached the first border and mitering all the corners and it has come out looking very grand with that fabulous striped border fabric. If you cannot tell already...I am in love....

Have a happy stitching weekend wherever you are....


  1. Lovely work! I love the last piece especially.

  2. Hi Raewyn! Lovely to meet another Raewyn in blogland - you're the first one I've come across! Your work is beautiful and I love your Di Ford mystery - I've really been sitting on my hands with this but I do love it!! I love your needlework too - such a lot of work in them - wow! Thanks for visiting my blog - do you know you've come up as a no reply blogger?

    1. Thanks Raewyn, I didn't know that was the case and found a tutorial that hopefully fixed that now. Why it cannot be a simple setting with a tick box is beyond me! Have a great day. Rae :D


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