Saturday, 26 April 2014

Misery Loves Company But Not If You Don't Let It

The 'Company' this week was having to come to the conclusion that after six weeks of veterinary treatment for our beloved cat Louis, things were going backwards and having to make the heart breaking decision to remove the affected limb. Louis damaged his right hock in a road accident and satisfactory recovery without future pain was looking decreasingly likely.
After two days, yes two days of sleeping, sleeping, sleeping we had him up and about yesterday and unbelievably nimble for having just gone through something so major. Of course cats don't walk upright and do not have the human mind set and so balancing even with three legs and emotional trauma are more easily surmountable.
Understandably he does look a little gruesome at the moment with loads of fur growing back to accomplish but he is moving more freely than he has done in weeks and with no obvious pain. The vet has assured us that they do go on to live completely normal and active lives and with cats being a small animal it is that much easier.
So Louis is on the road to recover and 'Misery' he is not!
Looking at his contented face you would never know anything was different....

The 'Misery' on the other hand came in the form of an anonymous loser who deigned it amusing to leave vile and miserable comments on my blog. Clearly this random person has no interest what so ever in quilting or needlework and is just sitting in their cave all alone attempting to pass their miserable psyche onto others. Fortunately the 'delete' button is interchangeable with 'misery' and I have the power to wipe such vitriolic garbage from my corner of the blogosphere. Please do me a favour whomever you are and don't visit my blog.
I do love getting comments from fellow bloggers whether they be encouraging or helpful but vile spam leaves me somewhat bemused. If you are not interested in something then why not just move on and get a life somewhere else as clearly you are in need of one!!!
This person should seriously consider taking up quilting or needlework as a hobby and as with all like minded people who love this hobby, gain yourself a better disposition.

Now, onto more pleasing and interesting crafty things that have been going on at my place this week....

I am inching my way along the couched gold road on my Mirror with Doors. It's quite therapeutic quietly sitting and highlighting the flower outlines with gold. The gold is definitely making the flowers 'POP'.

Three and a half down, six and a half to go

Ooh La La!

Ann Lawle is coming alive. I am more than halfway down the horizontal grid. I cannot believe now that I was ever intimidated by this process, it's so doable.
It's coming alive right before my very eyes

Two little dickie birds on a cutwork grid
Lest We Forget 
It was ANZAC day here in New Zealand yesterday, the 25th April is an austere celebration that Australians and New Zealanders commemorate together. This year it marked 99 years since the start of WW1 and the landing of the ANZAC's at Gallipoli, Turkey. Nearly 3,000 New Zealanders lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign.
New Zealand sent 100,000 troops to the war effort, only 50,000 returned. The population of New Zealand was only 1,000,000 at the time....5% never returned home.
The ANZAC commemoration remembers those who have fallen and who have given their lives in service to our countries.
It is impossible to stop tears from welling when you think of the magnitude of the lives lost and what they could have become.
They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them


  1. I am so glad your cat is on the mend!

  2. We had a 3 legged cat and now have a no-tailed cat and both led/are leading wonderful lives :-) Your Louis seems like he will adapt well! Your stitching is gorgeous - both the goldwork and the cutwork - wow!

  3. So happy that your Louis is recovering! I have a friend with a small dog with 3 legs and it is amazing how well they do. Your stitching is lovely, especially the drawn work. I passed up that particular sampler because I thought that section would be above my skill level. So glad to see it being accomplished with such skill!! Laura


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