Friday, 11 April 2014

The Production Line & Blogger's Annoying Foibles

I discovered this week, thanks to a fellow blogger who kindly let me know, that I was showing as a 'no reply' blogger. Didn't know I was as don't ever remember setting/or not setting that one. Anyway, a google search on how to fix show's that it is a very obscure and not straightforward way that this setting is made. A convoluted process has enabled a fix, I think! But why, oh why, can it not just be a clearly defined tick box in settings that is easily located!!!!!!
So if I have made any comments on your blog and then came up as no reply please be reassured that I do like your reply's and hopefully all is working as it should in my blogger world now.
The Mountmellick production line has been in full force this week. The border around the central medallion is certainly a complex little beastie. Getting all the pieces ready to go has been quite some task.

Firstly, I traced and cut out all the circles, all 48 of them, onto the applique paper. I am using Lynette Anderson's water soluble paper so I don't have to remove them. I ordered some Perfect Circles to assist with this process but they are out of stock at my supplier until the end of the month and I cannot put this project on hold that long, not while my momentum is in forward motion.
I used her pre cut water soluble 1/2" hexies and traced the squares for the corner flowers. Then I cut squillions of triangles for the piecing. Just love all these beautiful fabrics we are getting to work with.

Cutting out all the 48 fabric circles
Gathering all the 48 circles and basting the  4 squares and 16 hexies

Joining the hexie flowers and basting to the corner blocks.
Next task will be to hand applique the hexies to the corner blocks and the circles to the background squares. I should get that done this week before easter and end of term 1 school holidays kick in next Friday. Fingers crossed!
I finished the Fruit of the Vine Needleroll and have placed this project aside while I prepare my first Scarlet Letter sampler. I have been reading the Our Scarlet Letter Years blog for the past year but it was too full to join. Then this year a spot freed up but I have still not contributed and I want to. It took me a while to decide which project I would choose for my first one. Well I have settled on Ann Lawle as  have been really wanting to try my hand at the cut work. Let the adventure begin.
Needleroll's stitching is all done

Love those grapes
The border and outline for the cutwork is complete. Along the top and bottom is four sided stitch and all sides are satin stitched. Had to be super duper  careful about counting this so out came the magnifier's for that job.
The came the scary part....cutting the threads. I made a tiny start but was too tired last night to carry on with this intimidating job. The horizontal threads are done first in groups of two out and two left.
This is what Ann will look like when she is finished. I am working on the birds at the top. They are upside down on the original but I think I will flip them around.
Happy stitching until next week!

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  1. Glad you sorted the no-reply thing, I do believe Blogger has a mind of its own! I love the fabrics you are using for Montmellick - looks like you have a lot of sewing ahead of you! The needlework roll is beautiful, and I love the look of the new project too - I haven't done any cutwork but Mum does a lot and it really is lovely.


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