Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day & Transformation

It's Mother's Day here in New Zealand today. My two sweet darling, 'little' and 'not so little nearly a teenager', girls, came into my bedroom this morning to give me a hug and to share their creativity. 

The 'not so little' one wrote me a cool letter and the 'little' one painted my portrait...don't I look grand....

The weather is fabulous and the husband has taken the two of them into town to get some new sneakers and goggles and to fetch lunch. Three jobs I am freed up from doing so far today. I am planning on not making dinner and 'doing' some stitching. What more could I want, nothing, it's a perfect Mother's Day for a Mum who loves to stitch even if it is a sunny Autumn day outside. I am happiest at home pottering!

The gilt flower outlines on the Mirror project have finished transforming this week from this.... this, the final flower.... this....the completed couching of the gold twist....

I started sewing the seed for the lawn....the hillock to the right of the Queen is in varying shades of Soie de Paris done guessed it....Queen stitch. Now this is a stitch I have pretty much not done before and so the start is a bit of a learning curve but I did manage to get into the swing of it after changing to the third colour. I like the effect.

I am just loving this project and learning heaps along the way.

Ann Lawle now has two complete bands. Number two went swimmingly once I got into the swing of it. It is real pretty and I like the contrast between the two bands of the white and off white on the 35ct hand dyed linen supplied in the kit from Scarlet Letter

The lace effect of the design is most pleasing to the eye don't you think?

Once I had finished band two on Ann I decided to have a wee breather before starting band three and put a few cross stitches into the 'Fold'....some grass, a sheep, a strawberry and a heart emerge....

Only the tiniest of quilting got done this week. I fused the shapes to the background for the third block of the Civil War Bride....I still have to start the applique though....getting distracted by that mirror....

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Stitching to all the like minded Mum's out there....

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