Saturday, 31 May 2014

Two Steps Forward And One Step Back....Two Finishes And One Start....

Tee Hee

It certainly is never a step back no matter how many projects you purchase or transition to WIP's in the needlework world, just starts and finishes. Commencing a new project is just a pure joy and a delight....but one surely does feel like they have made a gain when a project is fully constructed and signed off as completed and this week I managed two.

I have to confess though that one of them has been sitting so very nearly completed since February as I needed to order some more gold couching thread to attach the finishing touch of the gilt 1 1/2 twist....but excuses aside that did arrive some time ago and it has taken all that time to get back into the rotation. 

But now that I have rekindled the love and finished the project I am thrilled and delighted with the result and can now look at this bright and shining elizabethan beauty in my curiosity cabinet and not sitting in a bag on the floor of my studio.

The Floral Glove is finished and ready for admiring glances....

The second project that made it onto the finished and completed tick list this week was the Sheperd's Bush Fold and it looks real pretty mounted into the lid of that beautiful plum coloured shaker box. Very happy with the result of this quick and enjoyable project. I think the second part in the series is going to show up at my door soon as I have been billed by Silver Needle. A quick little stitch for me as I do tend to take on long and complicated projects as the norm.

The project I started this week is a quilt but a quilt with stitchery. The stitchery is monotone and simple, although I might add another colour in, we'll see. I need something portable that I can take places like, kids swimming lessons, so I can stitch away without referring to a chart. I already had this project in my stash so decided to make a start....a very small start....and this will be a long project as I will only work on it while filling time and there are a total of nine stitchery blocks in the quilt. A simple mix of satin stitch, back stitch and chain stitch on the first block.

The design is a Rosalie Quinlan design called Simply Blessed and I chose the Japanese version of this BOM. There is another version with Nellie Hill brights but it's not so much me.  I decided to purchase the whole pattern set at once which includes the pre printed Japanese Hessian so no tracing required. That's why this sitchery made it into the WIP rotation as the other one's I have require tracing and I wasn't up to doing it the other day when I needed something for that afternoon.

Loving the muted Japanese tones....

Of course my accomplishments this week wouldn't have been possible without the aid of my feline assistant would never know he lost his right hind leg a few weeks those gorgeous blue eyes....

Will post an update on Anne Lawle and the Mirror next week....until then....

.... enjoy the stitching....


  1. I love ALL your finishes! My fav is the box one, I like it primitive look. Rosalie Quinlin's new BOM is hard to resist!

  2. Beautiful finishes! And your work on the glove is absolutely exquisite!! Laura

  3. Many compliments for your lovely finishes !! Can't wait to see your progress on the mirror ! And Louis is a lovely sweet boy, incredible how cats recover there are six walking around as is time for meal.

  4. I just love it attached to the shaker box, it is perfect and charming and the colors are muted and old fashioned. The pattern is delightful...but then, I am partial to sheep since I have 3 of them.

  5. What beautiful finishes! You certainly have been busy! I'm particularly taken with the elegant beautifully stitched and finished.


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