Saturday, 2 August 2014

FNwF and Goodbye Procrastination

Last night was my first night joining in with the Friday Night With Friends (FNwF) ladies over at Gone Stitchin

It's kinda nice sitting in on a Friday evening knowing that there are other's sharing their comfy stitching chair with you. I'm sure going to enjoy visiting the other blogs over the weekend to see what everyone got up to.

Thanks for sharing your time with me ladies.
So onto sharing my accomplishments for the evening. I worked on a couple of projects last night. One was an actual finish, the last step for that project and the other was another small step in a very big and very long project.

The anyone who follows my blog will know that things don't move very often from the WIPs to the Finishes label. I tend to work on larger projects that take an age and I have many on the go. This finish all up took me only around 48 hours to complete, that's the accountant in me keeping a rough tally of the time spent each day on a spreadsheet, I just knew that career choice would be handy for something I actually like But you need to know that I actually started this project on the 1st January and it is now the 1st of August....7 months for 48 hours indication that my project rotation is rather large....but it was worth the wait....

The Winter Casket Keepsakes is finished. Once I finished procrastinating about starting the jolly finger braiding and did a test sample in a thicker thread, it turned out there were only 8 steps to the pattern and 3 of those steps were tensioning. What was I worried about! Oh, and Amy Mitten's written instructions were as easy to follow as ever and I didn't need a video. BTW, thanks so much to all those of you who sent me a link to a video of the finger loop braiding. I did look at them and they were most helpful for basic understanding however the pattern was specific to the project and so I returned to Amy's instructions.

Please know that I really appreciate all your comments and if I have not responded directly it is likely because you are showing as a no reply blogger. I respect your right to privacy but if you want reply's to your comments you can get help to fix or here

Now back to the finish....Here's my sample braiding done the previous day....

....and here's the for real braids x 2 that I did Friday in preparation for my FNwF stitching in my comfy chair....

All I needed to do last night was to thread the braid through the eyelets ....

....and voila....

Aren't they just so darling. A needle keep and a thread winder keep. These are designed as casket toys and only measure a teeny 3 inches from top to toe. Thanks Amy for another cool design. Next is Spring Keepsakes and a truckload of needlelace petals.

So with Winter Casket Keepsakes duly completed I picked up the next Patchwork of the Crosses. This is what block #4 is starting to look like. I am loving this project and getting to actually use my stash in imaginative ways is way cool. PotC is very addictive!!! 

So that was my Friday was your's? to make a cuppa and check out what fun the other FNwFers had.



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  2. Gosh, always so much happening here. LOVE the braid! And the cute scissor keep etc you attached it to.
    Every time I think how long it is taking me to make something I feel anxious........something I try not to do. My quilting business keeps me very busy, but evenings are so nice to sit with what ever long term project I am working on.
    Glad you had a happy Friday evening.

  3. Gorgeous projects. Love them all. Thanks for stitching with me last night.

  4. gorgeous patchwork block. I love it.

  5. Toys are lovely and the braid came out pretty good !!!!

  6. I love those keepsakes...just gorgeous! And a wonderful block too. Thanks for joining us...hope you'll come again!

  7. Oh my goodness....your casket toys are fantastic!!! Love them!

  8. The keeps are gorgeous. I don't know what you mean by casket toys though. And those blocks are fantastic! I am trying to resist picking that project up but I keep seeing it all over blogs...

  9. The casket toys are beautiful - do they go into something else? Your block is amazing!

  10. Great you took the plunge and tackled the braid - good it wasn't as scary as it seemed! YOur keepsakes finishes are beautiful - casket toys? To go in the casket with you? I'm sorely tempted to start a POTC too, the blocks everyone does are so cool. I'm with you with long term projects - usually because I have too many things on the go at once!


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