Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Climbing Of Mountmellick

At last, Mountmellick Part 3 has been 'knocked off'. The pinnacle has been reached and the steepest part of the mountain climbed. At times it flelt like a vertical rock face. That part 3 border sure was a trek into the upper echelon for me. It seemed to go on forever but at the same time was a totally rewarding and utterly satisfying journey. And the result, well the result just speaks for itself....

Broderie perse is challenging, extremely time consuming and a whole lot of gorgeous fussiness. I love it! Not sure I would want to do it all the time though!!!

I feel like the journey up Mountmellick has plateaued as I head into Part 4. Part 4 is simple, not many hexies and no broderie perse....aaagh, I should have this border wrapped up before the next issue of Quiltmania is released in September. Better get on with cutting those hour glasses!

After all that applique was done I managed to squeeze another Patchwork of the Crosses block into the end of the week. Here's my latest combo....

Hope you have a fantastic week.


  1. What a ,mountain! I bet you are so pleased, you should be as it is lovely.
    I love the hexies flowers, how each petal is different. Well done! Will you hand quilt?

  2. Gosh you really have excelled with that mountain of Montmellick! Well done for knocking the b- off :-) I've never done broderie perse, now I know that if I do try it, to allow plenty of time! Your LB block looks lovely too.

  3. Oooh ! it's gorgeous...I really admire all the patience you have in doing this as seems a never ending work, lovely !

  4. Wow! What gorgeous work! There are so many wonderful and intricate things to look at.

  5. Just really love to see and read about your stitching. But I really prefer to follow you and I don't see a link to follow you via email. If you can do that, please sign me up.


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