Sunday, 14 December 2014

Somethins' A Cookin'

It's a production line at my house, a festive season production line....stitched, painted & stained & cinnamoned, dryed in the oven, sandpaper rub down, finishing smells so yummy at my house....all that coffee and cinnamon....loving these prim guys coming to life out of my studio and my kitchen....

Prims are in the oven ~ drying off ready for finishing ~ Santa & Elmer (Pineberry Lane)
 I love the look and feel of the muslin (calico in my neck of the woods) when it has been painted and sanded to a lovely smooth but perfectly grungy prim patina....this is what happens to you when you are a snowman and you make it out of the oven....

Snowman #1 ~ Perfectly Grungy

Loving that barrel chest ~

Snowman # 2 ~ A statuesque guy at 18" on his Kauri plinth, repurposed
 from our 130 year old church homestead ~

Poker Face ~

Look at that patina ~ loving it!

and Snowman #3 ~ a sweet little festive pin cushion ~

He's a happy wee chap ~
My prim collection is certainly growing, from zero to a small gathering in just a couple of weeks, I really have achieved something of late, despite....the renovation, amped up time of the year social  & kid activities and a bad case of sciatica making it very painful to sit for any length of time.......

Soon the crowd will be two stronger.... Santa and Elma are in the finishing queue....after that I need to knuckle down and finish a quilt as I have two new quilt BOM's starting in scissors and applique I come....

Happy Festive Time & do watch out for all the  prims posing for a collective christmas time selfie next post!


  1. Merry Christmas Rae~ they look great~ 'Poker Face' is my favorite~ cant wait for the selfie!!!

  2. Hohoho......................merry Christmas! Loving the prim happenins' in your neck of the woods! L*O*V*E the snowman best of all! Happy cooking!

  3. Love all the prims Raewyn Anne, hard to choose a favourite - wish the computer screen was "scratch-n-sniff" & I could smell how yummy they all are. Look forward to the prim collection selfies :-)

  4. Those little prim guys are looking very handsome - not sure if that's the right word, but they sure have personality! The oven photo is funny - with shirts and all in there!!! Looking forward to the group selfie!!


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