Wednesday, 31 December 2014

~ Pssssssst ~ It's New Years Eve ~

It's the very last day of the year twenty fourteen and guess what I achieved ~ my goal AND more! That's right, I actually got more done than I thought I would, the kids are still really happy amusing themselves this second week of the summer holidays and I have had a great run at things the past few days while the hubs DIY's, well for a few hours of each of the past few days anyway.

I have been selecting, measuring, tracing and cutting ALL of the last bits for Mountmellick. I DID IT! All the bits for the final applique border are sitting here awaiting piecing ~ YES! This will be my evening stitching for a while now as I REALLY want to finish this ~ psssst Rachael, you will get to see it finished EARLY 2015, LOL ~ After this it's just the border print to attach which is not so very intimidating after all the business of the prior borders.

~ Look at all those BITS ~ 216 diamonds cut to surround a  hexie centre, 64 hexies, 40 squares & 80 triangles ~ WHEW! ~
PLUS 16 tulip petals and 16 tulip buds ~

~ It might not look much from here but there's 12 to a layer of those hexie centre cut diamonds  and that's a whopping 216 ~ 

~ Triangles for the border piecing , they'll be waiting until the applique's  over ~

~ Big squares for the corners will have a hexie flower and 4 tulip flowers, small squares get a diamond/hexie flower each ~

~ Next is glue basting the hexie diamonds to their paper pieces, just a mere 54 each border ~

Well, I am so thrilled that my last day of this year two thousand and fourteen ended on such a high note, that was a mammoth task all that prep AND I am still suffering back issues so sitting for this job was not the easiest. Watch this space as two thousand and fifteen will see these 'bad boys' morph into something beautiful!!!

~ AND on an even higher note (pssssst Rachael)  Guess what else I did today! All framed up and ready to trace onto the tissue ~ the beading fingers are nearly on!!!!!



  1. Oh my goodness.Hats off to you.All this patchwork cutting makes me feel tired just looking at it.As a person who has a measuring and cutting tiny fabric pieces (although I HAVE done it!!), sort-of phobia, I can imagine how long this took you.
    Well done.Happy New Year to you.

  2. WOW big job all that prep...............but it will be so worth it! I look forward to seeing this stunning quilt finished!

  3. Happy New Year Rae! YOU DID IT! I TOLD YOU SO! I knew you could do it~ its going to be SO beautiful! Of COARSE you would be starting my mirror case before you have your applique done......I dont know how you can have so many things going all at once! Its so exciting to see what 2015 will bring~ I wish you & yours the best of everything :)

  4. Good on you with Mountmellick - it must feel like you are on the home straights now!! Looks like you are heading for a Creative New Year!!!


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