Saturday, 10 January 2015

Star Light ~ Star Bright

Things are moving slowly slowly in my world. Stinking relentless summer heat in my studio with a breeze that keeps coming from the side of the building  that has no opening windows....for ventilation....opening the door brings those pesky worse than ever this year flies for which I finally relented and bought an auto spray....lordy knows what that does for my lungs but at least I have my sanity!!!....just! Then there's the ongoing back probs for which the pressure on the sciatic nerve is relentless which means shifting posture heaps and no end of fidgeting means not so much gets done. Been and had an xray now and typically this time of year in New Zealand  my doc is on leave still until Monday but the nurse said the report came back with 'possible prolapsed disc' wonder none of the muscle exercises were working. Man, waiting this sort of thing out to come right and over a massive holiday period is torture in this heat, keep having to 'relax' which is defo not something I normally do!!!

Despite all that 'relaxing'  not being able to remain comfortable for long means slim pickings on the creative front but at least there are some least I can piece  & applique whilst semi-horizontal....which means Mountmellick is seeing the benefit of my circumstance ~

~ One border's worth of stars ~ { Three to go } ~

Gotta fidget again which means leaving this chair to go do a requested nit check....O the joys of motherhood! 

Can so see why you get SO MUCH MORE stitching done in the yummy cold of Autumn & Winter!!! Bring my favourite season of Autumn on!!!



  1. Oh dear we are birds of a feather! I am over summer too! Roll on winter and Autumn! Good luck with your back pain.

  2. I am so sorry to read of your continuing back pain. Constant pain can be so draining ... I do hope you have some results & a remedy soon. I too am not a fan of the summer, my favourite season is spring. Just be careful with your spitter in your sewing room ... I have one going in my cottage when I hang my statice flowers up to dry & find after awhile they can leave a film on everything. Your creations are just beautiful :-)

  3. Love those little stars! Sorry to hear about the back pain - nasty when everyone is on holiday and you can't get any action! Hope a remedy happens soon. I don't mind summer when I can find a cool spot but agree, it's not my most favourite time - roll on other seasons!! I've given up and put those squirty things throughout the house, I'd go insane otherwise.


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