Sunday, 18 January 2015

Knocking Them Off And A Castle

I have decided not to bore you this week with the foibles of my ongoing back/sciatic issues but suffice to say that the drugs are helping me to muddle my way to some stitchy achievements even if the couch has become much more my friend of late than my favourite stitchy chair. On the plus side my pussy cat when he is not too hot is more than happy to snuggle up on the couch whereas the stitchy chair has no room for such canoodling ~

This week I made it to base two and three with the Mountmellick stars. This week's gonna see me make home base. Thats three down and one to go OR twenty seven down and nine to go, depending on how you look at it ~ and they are annoying little suckers too, all those pesky points want to catch on the thread all the time, I won't be sorry to finish ~ but then there will be the four corners to tame with their hexie flowers and applique tulips ~ then the final border print ~ I can see a tiny little pin prick of light at the end of the Mountmellick tunnel ~

~ Three groups of nine all done ~

Since I find standing to do stuff better for some of the day my 17th century beaded mirror case project now has it's first element completed ~ a beaded castle ~ now it's not perfect and it's my first attempt ever at beading but I LOVE it ~ I love that it's not so perfect and it's quirkiness is very endearing to me and working with the beads means the stitching grows WAY MORE quickly than stumpwork or needlace elements ~ it's already quite heavy though just with the castle but the pieces will lay flat on the mirror case so that's ok ~

~ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my beaded castle and it's brickwork ~

The rest of my stitchy time the past week has been spent contemplating ~ choosing supplies and thinking of designs ~ a VERY time consuming process but in a good way of course ~

~ Now which beads shall I use for my next element ~ an acorn tree ~

~ I have SO many ideas swirling around in my head for my 17th century flat top casket ~ this is a
massive pile of idea snippets for elements that need me to start pulling them all together ~

Two more weeks of school holidays and then I can think for extended periods again ~


  1. So sorry about your back. I have this issue too and I know how difficult it is to do needlework while standing!! But good for you for making the best of it and still managing to keep your creative juices flowing! Good luck on a speedy recovery! Laura

  2. Wonderful WONDERFUL Castle Rae~ I TOLD you it would be so much FUN! Can I post your progress in the class blog? let me know! Did dr figure out if you have a herniated disk? If YES~ drop me a line, Ill give you an AWESOME little excersize that should give you great relief! Mountmellik is looking FABULOUS~ cant wait to see it complete! GO GIRL! xoxoxo rachael


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