Thursday, 29 January 2015

Hoo Wah ~

~ it's hot, it's 8.00 pm and it's still hot, hot, hot ~ even the other residents at this abode have taken cover ~

 ~ aaahhhh, a shady spot and a fancy drinking bowl for me too ~

~ Doing what cat's do best ~ my not so helpful helper Louis ~

Think I might just have to go lay down under this shady ole oak tree  ~

~ or maybe inside the castle would be nice and cool ~

We are sure due a respite, it's been hot for weeks with only a dribble of rain, it saps your energy and attention and desire to apply yourself to the needle ~

Still it was a lovely day today for #1 daughter to start her first day at high school, one down and one to go next Tuesday ~ Hoo Wah ~

~ chitter chatter, chitter chatter ~ just like the hen house ~


  1. Oh---I wish I could trade a measure of our snowy deeps for a bit of your free power bill is busting the bank! Louis is looking adorable (along with your eldest) - just give it time - the weather will break and the glories of autumn and spring will be upon us both - Elisabeth in CT - from CoC)

  2. Wonderful Oak Rae! Your padded mirror case is going to look FABULOUS! Its nice to see Louis lounging so peacefully, I think the last time I remember him he was wearing a cast poor fellow! Me too~ I will gladly take some of your HEAT here please :) xoxoxo rchael


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