Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Two Down

This morning saw the second of my two darling little ladyes head off for the start of the new school year. She's all a flutter with excitment ~ what a great attitude to school ~ dyslexia sits on her shoulder but she's bright and keen which is great, she'll just need to work that bit harder too achieve but her new teacher is real nice and has experience with dyslexia ~ looking forward to a positive year at a school that really supports their kids ~ the school have a higher than average expectation on their kids which shows in their school motto ~ OUR BEST ALWAYS ~

~ All dressed up and ready to go ~

Bye darling ~ my first day free to do exactly as I please, all the school day at least, since just before xmas ~ bring it on!

What pleases me today is to crack on with conquering Mountmellick, oh yeah, that finish line is SO close ~ and it's cooled down just a little ~ just enough to be able to sit at that sewing machine to do this piecing ~

~ Nearly, nearly there ~

~ Pinned and ready to stitch ~

~ Production line ready to commence ~

~ There's quite a bit of fussing around to do with cutting this border strip ~

My feline helper Louis has deserted me for the great outdoors but I still have one helper now his Mum, my eldest little ladye,  is back at school. Teddy isn't allowed to venture into the great outdoors without my assistance as we live near a busy road, Louis lost his leg finding out how busy that road is and seems to have learnt a hard lesson about not bothering to cross it, don't want Teddy to find out the same way! So he is safe inside today keeping me company and recovering from the indignity of being neutered yesterday ~ what's a dog to do in this situation but sleep ~

~ He's a six month old Pomeranian / Papillion ~

Have a great day / evening stitching wherever you are ~

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  1. Happy Daye all to yourself Rae! Tell the girls I wish them the best this year in school~ all three of you look full speed ahead...now puppy, on the other hand, poor fellow~ the indignity! Perhaps he will wake up and events of the past few days will all be a dream..... I hope you are feeling better & that Mountmellick is going to look FABULOUS! xoxoxo rachael


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