Thursday, 12 February 2015

Too Much Poof? Poof!

This week has still seen me faffing around with Mountmellick. I have been dwelling on that annoying fusing in the centre of the quilt and as Leeanne {my quilter} and I have been emailing back and forth about the quilting she came up with a brilliant suggestion ~ what about 'Trapunto~ing' it ~ light bulb moment ~ why didn't I think of that ~ it's even a part of the new Quiltmania BOM for 2015 by Le Fee Piroutte by Nathalie Meance AND I watched those videos but didn't think to utilise on Mountmellick ~ must be getting old ~ anyway, that's what I spent last evening doing with my sharp pointed scissors, my stuffing tool and some stuffing, I would have used wadding like Nathalie does but I didn't have any and so stuffing it was ~ I hope that's ok ~ it surely has 'poof' now ~ too much 'poof'? or just right? ~ I didn't put that much in but it 'poofed' up real quickly ~ I hope we don't need to perform an extraction Leeanne! ~ after all it was my first ever go at trapunto ~

~ Look at all that 'poof' peeps! ~

~ 'Poof ' in the swags and in the diamonds ~

~ 'Poof' in the vase too ~

~ It has certainly added some dimension to that flat and lifeless fusing ~

~ Now that's an eye popping swag for sure! ~

Anyway, 'poof' or too much 'poof' I don't need to overthink this anymore and so she is packed up and posted today, off to the lovely Leeanne from Quilt Me Kiwi.

Now to patiently wait for her return in 6-8 weeks ~ hmmmmm ~ it's nerve racking sending off such a labour of love to be entrusted into the care of the postal service ~ I'll relax when I know she's there safely ~ she's going on my bed so she's a she ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. Plenty of poof and what a great look it will give your masterpiece!

  2. I think your Mountmellick quilt is just honestly really, really beautiful Raewyn Anne ... not too much poof at all :-) I look forward to seeing it when Leeanne has worked her magic on it. You will have to share a photo of "her" relaxing on your bed when she is all done.


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