Wednesday, 31 December 2014

~ Pssssssst ~ It's New Years Eve ~

It's the very last day of the year twenty fourteen and guess what I achieved ~ my goal AND more! That's right, I actually got more done than I thought I would, the kids are still really happy amusing themselves this second week of the summer holidays and I have had a great run at things the past few days while the hubs DIY's, well for a few hours of each of the past few days anyway.

I have been selecting, measuring, tracing and cutting ALL of the last bits for Mountmellick. I DID IT! All the bits for the final applique border are sitting here awaiting piecing ~ YES! This will be my evening stitching for a while now as I REALLY want to finish this ~ psssst Rachael, you will get to see it finished EARLY 2015, LOL ~ After this it's just the border print to attach which is not so very intimidating after all the business of the prior borders.

~ Look at all those BITS ~ 216 diamonds cut to surround a  hexie centre, 64 hexies, 40 squares & 80 triangles ~ WHEW! ~
PLUS 16 tulip petals and 16 tulip buds ~

~ It might not look much from here but there's 12 to a layer of those hexie centre cut diamonds  and that's a whopping 216 ~ 

~ Triangles for the border piecing , they'll be waiting until the applique's  over ~

~ Big squares for the corners will have a hexie flower and 4 tulip flowers, small squares get a diamond/hexie flower each ~

~ Next is glue basting the hexie diamonds to their paper pieces, just a mere 54 each border ~

Well, I am so thrilled that my last day of this year two thousand and fourteen ended on such a high note, that was a mammoth task all that prep AND I am still suffering back issues so sitting for this job was not the easiest. Watch this space as two thousand and fifteen will see these 'bad boys' morph into something beautiful!!!

~ AND on an even higher note (pssssst Rachael)  Guess what else I did today! All framed up and ready to trace onto the tissue ~ the beading fingers are nearly on!!!!!


Thursday, 25 December 2014

~ Xmas Has Arrived At Our House~

Something's changed under the tree since this photo was taken, it doesn't look the same anymore.....MERRY XMAS 2014

The Girls ~ Pre-Present Demolition! ~ sssshhhh ~ there's a sewing machine for them
in that pile somewhere!!! ~

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

~ Merry Xmas To All ~

I cannot believe that this is my last post before Xmas 2014 ~ where on earth has the year gone! It's Xmas Eve already!!! The kids are restless and the excitement is building and I am super duper glad that I am not one of those people trying to finish my Xmas shopping today ~ imagine the horror of that!

I am also super duper glad that I have been lucky and privileged to have achieved some super duper crafty stuff this year. My achievements have been many and varied this year and I have also been working through my finishing pile of shame this past week ~ you know, that pile where all the stitching is done but the creation is not assembled, that pile's been amassing over the year! It's feeling good, revisiting finshes and putting them together into something pretty to display my handiwork, but today, Xmas Eve 2014 I want to share my Prims, my Xmas themed Prims that is.

These guys are so neat and I am chuffed to bits at how they all turned out. This week saw that last duo join the gang, Santa & Elmer the reindeer, a creation from Pineberry Lane .

~ Bare Skin Santa ~

~ Bare Skin Elmer Nestled On Santa's Clothes ~

~ Dressed And Ready For Xmas ~

~ What A Pair ~ And I Found The PERFECT Antlers For Elmer In My Garden ~

~ A Face Only A Prim Hound Could Love ~

~ Loving Elmer's Blankie ~

Santa and Elmer are all ready to join the gang
~ Attending The First Of Many Group Gatherings To Come  On Our Dining Table ~

~ From Left To Right ~ Gingee, Grungee, Santa, Elmer, Pinee, Santa & Poker Face ~
~ One Can Never Have too Many Santas! ~

~ Two Santas and Two Snowies Chillin ~

~ Santa And His Prim Fir Tree With Bells On ~

~ Poker Face ~ There's No Reading That Expression ~

~ Gingee and Grungee Sharing A Cane ~

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog this year as I have your's.  Your encouragement is amazing as I continue to learn and grow whilst enjoying and sharing my varied crafts!

~ The Xmas Tree is Awaiting Pressies ~ After The Kids Are Asleep Of Course ~

~ The Cute Little Reindeer Made Out Of A Cup By My Eldest Many Years Ago Still Sits Atop ~


~ A Santa Quilt Made Many Years Ago By A Much Younger Me! ~

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Somethins' A Cookin'

It's a production line at my house, a festive season production line....stitched, painted & stained & cinnamoned, dryed in the oven, sandpaper rub down, finishing smells so yummy at my house....all that coffee and cinnamon....loving these prim guys coming to life out of my studio and my kitchen....

Prims are in the oven ~ drying off ready for finishing ~ Santa & Elmer (Pineberry Lane)
 I love the look and feel of the muslin (calico in my neck of the woods) when it has been painted and sanded to a lovely smooth but perfectly grungy prim patina....this is what happens to you when you are a snowman and you make it out of the oven....

Snowman #1 ~ Perfectly Grungy

Loving that barrel chest ~

Snowman # 2 ~ A statuesque guy at 18" on his Kauri plinth, repurposed
 from our 130 year old church homestead ~

Poker Face ~

Look at that patina ~ loving it!

and Snowman #3 ~ a sweet little festive pin cushion ~

He's a happy wee chap ~
My prim collection is certainly growing, from zero to a small gathering in just a couple of weeks, I really have achieved something of late, despite....the renovation, amped up time of the year social  & kid activities and a bad case of sciatica making it very painful to sit for any length of time.......

Soon the crowd will be two stronger.... Santa and Elma are in the finishing queue....after that I need to knuckle down and finish a quilt as I have two new quilt BOM's starting in scissors and applique I come....

Happy Festive Time & do watch out for all the  prims posing for a collective christmas time selfie next post!


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