Friday, 8 May 2015

Small Doings

Things are all but trickling along in my little messed up world. Managing the detangling of my husband's estate and all it's little nuances has been consuming my time but I am over the hump I think. Dealing with machinery minded guys and disposing of heavy machinery has not been entirely in my comfort zone but they're now disposed of and it's time to turn my mind to things a little bit more appropriate for my talents. I am hoping to now again be able to spend time during the day on my creative pursuits cos that's what really makes me happy ~

So with only stitching in the evenings I don't have a whole heap of progress but it's progress nonetheless ~

I managed to complete the embellishing embroidery on the first part of Colmar and can put this rather beautiful piece aside until the mystery unfolds over the year, time to pick up part two and get cutting, piecing and stitching ~

~ Doesn't Colmar look so pretty ~

~ So colourful ~

~ So flowery ~

~ So textural ~

~ So 'poofy' ~

~ So happy with the result ~

I also finished off the Sue Spargo BOM, oh I so want to show, but can't, and so whilst waiting for the next part to arrive, which is has now and is awaiting my prep, I picked up an ongoing Sue project and continued on with the embellishing ~ my way !

I am in love with the result thus far ~

~ Two flowers 'nearly' done ~

~ A riot of colour ~

~ First flower, finished ~

~ Second flower, nearly finished ~

~ Tree branch has received it's bark like texture, love trying all these stitches in all
these different threads , such fun ~

Hope you've had loads of stitchy fun in your week ~
~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. Progress is all progress no matter how or small......................looking great from here!

  2. That Colmar block is just stunning, the colours & textures just "ping" right out at you. I love the way you put colours together, you have a really good eye. And also for the detail that you add to your creations. Have a good weekend, wet here so good for sewing :-)

  3. Raewyn Anne,
    Your Colmar block is stunning! I love your embroidery. It makes the piece come alive. My interest is mostly different types of needlework but seeing your quilt block makes me want to join in with this project too! I have been watching your progress in your posts and can see the huge amount of work/hours that are required but believe me your results are wonderful. It is absolutely beautiful. I would love to try this type of quilting too one day. Take care. Best wishes to you from Dianne in South Australia.

  4. I am glad you are coming together after such an ordeal. The needlework truly is a healer. I must tell you, I follow many needle-working blogs but you do such an amazing stitchery and artistry, no one else's work compares to what I see on a regular basis on your posts, Bravo!

  5. Ach - hard work is just that - HARD! But it feels better when it's over and one can get on to the work one loves; and your stitching just shines with comfort and healing. Seeing it brings a smile to the heart! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. :)

  6. Still thinking of you a lot Raewyn and wondering how things are. Hoping that the beautiful stitching you are doing is soothing your soul. LOVE Colmar!!!!! And your Sue Spargo piece, you do such wonderful work with your embellishing !


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