Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Winter's On It's Way

The weather has turned, it turned about a week ago now, been sometimes raining and sometimes windy ever since and more to come. We have apparently survived the biggest weather pattern currently on the earth although they did get it way worse down in the southern climes of New Zealand ~ the coldest this year thus far! Only 6 more sleeps until winter ~ only 5 more sleeps until my beautiful Tiger Lily turns 14 on the last day of Autumn ~ and it's a long weekend coming up being  the official celebratory day of the Queen's Birthday ~ weather's looking set to throw us another pile of rain so some hunkering down looks to be in store ~ what more could a crafty girl want at the onset of winter this weekend ~

But my stitching fingers have not been idle whilst waiting for it to chill down, my evenings have been productive and even my days have found me preparing my projects and I have even recovered some small 17th century mojo ~

The Sue Spargo BOM is all caught up and I am awaiting the next instalment. Can't show that as per Sue's lack of permission but I can share a little prep. Sue is coming to New Zealand for a retreat in August. The retreat is hosted by Patchwork Passion and Sue has designed a project especially for us ladies attending. We now have the kit in order to do the necessary prep. The prep involves texturising the background and the applique of the vases. I've made a start, pinned it all on and it's ready for adhering by my chosen method which is hand applique ~ 

~ Busy, busy ~ Indigo Vases ~

I've also been spending quite some time with my Colmar Block 2, piecing the block together with those dratted flying geese had me tearing my hair out until I found my rhythm. I had never attempted foundation piecing until now and I'm not hankering to do it ever again, it's SO darned easy to get it out of whack ~ must be the most time consuming background I have ever attempted ~ still it looks good now it's done and the embroidery has started to appear ~ excuse the first few photos, the iphone has a habit of shifting around on you even though it looks right at the time so these should be landscape ~

~ Flying geese are gathering ~ there's a little piece of my dear departed Craig inside the
sphere, I'm sure he's enjoying helping me with my projects! ~

~ The geese are beginning to multiply ~

~ The flock foundation ~

~ Ready to migrate to Colmar ~

~ Pieces of the puzzle ~

~ aaaahhhhh ~ 

~ Makes all the difference adding a little colour ~

~ Applique x 1 attached, 3 to go then it's onto trapunto and embellishing ~ Block 3 is already
published, need to move along ~
So after all that fabric I managed to find a small piece of the week to retackle something 17th century. Many months ago the fact that I had to do a second canopy on my door'd mirror had me stalled in the starting blocks. Well  I have decided enough is enough so I'm going to 'knock the bastard off' and get it done. I'm on my way, two side curtains finished and the canopy to go in the detached needlelace and then I can background stitch the mirror and attach the curtains. That way I will be able to happily move on with another element of the mirror. I am seeing so much activity and awesome achievements on the Thistle Threads forum that I am feeling vey left behind ~

~ Left curtain completed, right curtain nearly completed ~

~ Canopy cordonet'd and ready to begin ~ 
I'm off to stitch ~~~~~~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. Oh you have so much to look forward to, one of your babies is growing up, a long weekend and winter!! I LOVE your flying geese block! The foundation piecing gives such nice crisp accuracy. I was thinking of you on the weekend as I was down in your area visiting family. Hugsxxxx

  2. Gosh I only just got my Quiltmania yesterday, you are well ahead (of me)! I'm still considering doing this mystery - is it a series of blocks? Colmar is looking awesome and you've done well with the foundation piecing, so glad you didn't throw in the towel - it's quite a cool way to go when you have it sussed...not that I would do it all the time, it has its place! I always love seeing the variety of work you do with different threads and different embroidery techniques. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Tiger Lily and take care all.

  3. Always interesting to see your progress on your projects - lovely work!

  4. I'm glad you have started your 17th Century stitching again! I can't believe how beautiful your Colmar quilt is. You are creating truly wonderful pieces. All of the stitches and colours and fabrics look amazing together. I will read your posts and follow your progress with much interest. Happy Birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter Tiger Lily. Best wishes to you from Dianne

  5. All Is coming on so well Rae~ Tell TL Happy Birthday! I love your memorial weight too~ Craig will get in more sewing time than he ever thought possible ;) Your mojo is back girl~ WATCH OUT! Love your new canopy~ is it going to be shades of purple or is that just my computer playing tricks on me? We have all been sick here, and right before summer, which is very ODD....but then again, its a very odd year~ we had snow on monday! xoxoxoo

  6. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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