Friday, 26 June 2015

Number Two's Finito

The second instalment of Colmar is complete, done and dusted & finito. That was the biggest single achievement this week. Doing four repeats around the block was a challenge for me ~ I don't like to 'repeat' and like it to be new and fresh and interesting ~ it ceases to be interesting after about, oh I don't know, yes I do ~ once!!!

She, yes 'she', she's flowery, so 'she' has to be a 'she' is looking very pretty despite being puckered and solid with trapunto and embroidery. I did back with embroidery stabiliser but it's a fair amount of work and I stitch in hand so there you go ~ when the first block was introduced it did say, and I quote ~ " Do not worry if the piece seems slightly (or even quite) <<wrinkled>>, we promise that once it is quilted, everything will lie flat!" ~ unquote ~I'm relying on that promise ~

In the meantime I've started Number Three ~

~ Pucker up my Pretty ~

~ Number Three's A Go Go ~

~ One, three, two ~
The emperor's Kings new clothes are slowly being tailored too ~ it's been a busy week with lots of going out so not a lot going on but every bit counts towards the finish ~

~ Last side of the background and then onto the 'dimension" ~

Here's to warmer and toastier times, it's been freezing here in NZ this week ~ near record cold for some parts, not up here in Auckland BUT then it's all about what you're used to right ~~~~~~ and I'm not used to it as cold as it's been right here and my big ole churchy home is not easy to heat ~~~~~ brrrrrrrr

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. You don't seem to tackle easy projects do you? Looking good.

  2. OMG! Looks intense! Every now and again I like doing things with a lot going on. Thanx for sharing. Can't wait to see the finish. L

  3. Wow, Colmar is going to be another wonder! Looking good so far - wrinkles and all :-) The Kings new clothes, looks awesome too - think I must have missed something about that one - but more very detailed beautiful work - you really are very clever with a needle!!


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