Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Piddling Along

Well that's what it feels like ~ things ain't moving particularly fast ~ 

Managing car selling and car shopping and school holidays are sucking up my mojo ~ it's been a wet and cold holiday for the first part but even hanging around at home things ain't getting done ~ these peeps are ALWAYS wanting to eat ~ OR ~ wanting this, that or the next thing ~

This project (May Your Hands) has been hanging around in my studio completely stitched for months maybe a year waiting to be dealt to by the 'finisher' ~ uh hmm ~ that would be me ~ decided to get it out and darn well finish finish so I can file all away into the prettiest Betsy Krieg Salm personalised box I received ages ago ~ even though I pulled it out for completion asap it's all been sitting on the desk for days now ~ one day!!!

~ Even Craig's sick of waiting for me to finish ~

Next project has seen a bit more of my attention, mainly because I can tend to it whilst watching TV. In typical 'me' style I didn't choose an easy project to start learning this particular skill (rug hooking) on but then I just cannot bring myself to work on boring starter kits that don't excite me so over challenge myself I will ~ actually it's not hard apart from learning to pull the wool evenly and how to execute nice start/stops and corners ~

~ If I pull finger I might get it done before winter's over or halloween for that matter ~

Been also doing a little of Colmar ~ next piccie I WILL have this done cos the next blocks out soon ~

~ Fixing's done ~ onto the more fun embellishing ~

My Ort pile is growing and showing my many and varied projects~

 ~ The ends of the wool worms are outgrowing the threads ~

Right ~ back to May Your Hands ~ ~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. School holiday times! they test us for sure, I think I went through more food! but I always enjoyed these times with my kids, just hanging out. Sounds like you have lots of little odd jobs to get done.........but hey Rome wasn't built in a day! Keep warmxx

  2. Hi Rae~ was just going to email you and see what you are up to! Dont worry Craig isnt tired of waiting for you to finish.. men think differently than we do~ if we will FINALLY be over...and then just as quick something new will best to just draw out the thing :) Have the girls finally entered the stage where they want to EAT??? Welcome to the club!! I tell you, if I ever won the lottery....would love to get a new house...threads.....but FIRST on the list would be a cook so I would never have to do it again!!! Your next project should be something you can use all those orts! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX r


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