Saturday, 29 August 2015

What's Been Rocking My Little World

Well that would be the fabulous retreat I went on for three whole days. Three whole days of nothing of a domestic nature, no small humans to organise and just ladies, chatter and stitching. That is sure to be what rocks my little world. Just being free to unleash the creative being inside was a major highlight of the retreat. Not to mention spending time with ladies who are as passionate as I am about all things made with a needle and thread.

Thank you Mum for looking after my babies so well while I was gone. AND an even bigger thank you for helping to create this little beauty  for one happy little girl while I was otherwise engaged. Grandma and Grandaughter time wisely spent ~

~ How adorable is that ~

I met so many nice ladies at the retreat and Sue Spargo is so awe inspiringly talented. She brought along a trunk show of most of her work. It was just fabulous to see all the quilts for real and the dimension is just amazing. The appliqued elements just pop out from the quilting and it was such fun to be able to get hands on with them. Wool is such a neat medium to work with. Anyway I will let the photos do the talking while I come down off cloud nine ~

~ Day #1 and heads down ~ no time to stop and
admire that gorgeous view of Long Bay Beach
from Vaughan Park ~

~ That's Sue passing on her knowledge with a
pile of her finished work in front ~

~ Just look at ~

~ the state ~

~ of that ~

~ room !!! ~ Stash everywhere ~

~ Sue encouraged us to do random
cutting of paper leaves and flowers and place
them on the piece ~
~ no drawing with a pencil first ~
~ it was really rather liberating ~

~ Just look at the result but then folk art is
fabulous for imprecision and the
odd bit of quirkiness ~

 ~ First the paper shapes, then the wool
applique and a teeny 1/4 inch hexie
flower for good measure ~

~ Then for the really fun part ~ the
embellishing with all those gorgeous
threads and mega dimensional
stitches ~

I'm on my way with this project ~ acres of stitching to go but this project's a keeper so I will continue to wile away many, many, many hours making this my own ~ What's not to like!!!! A fun hobby and a satisfying result ~ gotta love it ~ thanks for coming to NZ Sue ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


  1. You would have been in stitchers heaven! Knowing how much you love so many mediums. What a fabulous break......did you need that trailer? :-)

  2. I see Grandma & Jazmin were trying to out do you while you were gone! LOVE her little birdie~ and am SO glad you had such a wonderful time! Varnish is venting on 'something' today.....XOXOXOXXOXOX

  3. How wonderful you got several days away and your girls were able to spend time with Grandma too. Your project is lovely and your embellishments seem inspired. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos in the future.

  4. Oh it looks like you were in your element there, it sounds like a wonderful time - so inspiring and what a fabuous opportunity to learn from such a talented person. I love what you've done. Lovely Grandma to take such good care of your girls while you were away. Looking forward to seeing more work on this!

  5. Great post, your work is just fabulous. It was ine of the best workshops that i uabe been too and it was sonoce to see you again, malso just loved what your daughter and mum created, i can see she has many of your own creation skills.

  6. I'm amazed at your progress over the three days, I've taken two workshops with Sue and am still stitching! Your piece is lovely.

  7. I love this cute bird the little princess holds! I am not sure whether it is owl or any other kind of bird, but it is very sweet.


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