Sunday, 2 October 2016

Now What Shall I Do This Wet Weekend

It just never seems to stop raining or just being grey and yucky. Darn, I'll have to stay inside again ~ now what shall I do? 

Sleep?!? ~ no way ~ that's Louis' choice and he was getting right into it as you can clearly see! Some helper he was fast asleep on the possum skin rug!!

I decided instead to tackle a little prep ~ that first up task that just seems to take an absolute age ~ especially when you prep a trio ~ so long and short was I got two patterns drawn up on the trusty old freezer paper & one kit nearly sorted ~

~ First up a Tilda Santa ~ this christmas or next?! ~

~ Next up a little bit of a 2016 BOM ~
 that I am not able to give much away on!! ~

~ Then there's sorting out the kit for the 'Foxley Village'
2016 BOM in the Homespun magazine ~ 

~ It's soooo adorable and a fair bit of work to boot ~
Just when I was starting to run out of weekend at the tail end and just 30 minutes before I had to go prep dinner I decided to stitch some beads ~ just a few so I could say I had ~ of course this frame is setup ready to go and I walk past it all the time between studio and the rest of the house ~ and look i've progressed ~ 3/4 of a tree!! ~ woo hoo!

~ Very happy I managed to squeeze this in
as the beads are FUN ~

~ Just look at that tree grow ~

Hope you guys have a great week. I resigned last week from my boring and tediously repetitive job and am on the way to no longer working with the awful new boss of a month or so ~ roll on the 26th October ~ I wonder what I will do next!!! 

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~

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  1. And just like that the weekend is over! Sounds like you might have more time for creating?


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