Saturday, 22 April 2017

Number Two's Done ~

It's been finished for a little while but number two panel is done and dusted. It's taken me longer to write this blog!! This is the left hand frieze for the lid on my double casket. I gave the snail some 'beady' eyes just for an extra lift and some fun.

It's not the fastest process this over one tent stitch and i'm following a graph too for this project so being extra cautious. Also using two threads of Soie de Paris in the needle means you need to be a little bit fussier that it's all laying right on the front and the back. But overall it's not bad going because the montrose linen ,although a tighter weave, is only 28 count so I can see it with glasses and no extra magnification needed which makes it easier to hover over the slate frame of an evening. 

I moved onto panel three a while ago now and it was supposed to be finished at the end of March but I'm nearly nearly there. Only a month behind ~ at this stage!!! I'll post when it's done as it's so close now. At least winter is coming and much more indoors time ~ YES!!

~ loving the historical look of the colours
and the shading ~

~ There's the line drawing on the top left of the lid ~

~ And to give you and idea of the immensity of the project ~

I have also been dribbling along on my beaded mirror case. Well I actually picked up the pace a few weeks back but now I've not touched it for a couple so that equates to dribbling along ~ riiiight!! Two iris, a worm, and a snail completed. That just leaves two butterflies and a bug on this panel ~ I am soooo nearly there with my first panel completion after starting this in 2014!! ~ but one doesn't need to rush these things!!

~ Left side iris ~ sooooo pretty ~

~ Right side iris, worm and snail ~ sooooo adorable ~

~ Getting there ~

LOVE my crafty stitching hobby to the moon and back ~ it's the best ~

~ May Your Days Be Filled With Salubrious Stitching ~


Thank you for taking the time out to look at my blog and to partake of my creative pursuits. Creating with textiles and fibres is a passion I embrace with abandon. Comments from those who understand this joy are food for the soul.
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