Monday, 10 June 2013

We Have Progress

I cannot believe how quickly a week flyes by. I started this blog wanting to contribute daily but now find I am hitting the week mark by the time I get to put fingers to keyboard. Mind you I mostly don't feel I make enough progress on my projects to put up pics daily so alls good.

Only two sleeps to go until my baby sister arrives back in NZ with her two girls. Six months of planning have just flown by but the house is all ready for them and they are excited despite the daunting task of relocating your whole life to the other side of the globe.

The day before they arrive, my parents are due back from their 3 week  river cruise in Europe. The trip has had more than the anticipated time staying in hotels as opposed to the river boat due to all the flooding. They have been unable to go up or down the river as the water has been too high to get under the bridges so they have been bused around. Austria and Hungry were two place on their itinerary and both have been badly affected looking at the news reports here.

In between sorting the house for the arrival of my sibling and the usual household hum drum I have been working on a couple of projects.

The Mermaid Treasures are moving along with the tent stitch completed on one mermaid and the other about half way there for the pockets. Really need my magnifiers for this fine fabric. Looking forward to doing the backstitch on them and the fish as the definition will start to really make them pop.

I have also managed to make a start on the Essamplaire casket. I have started to tackle the encroaching satin stitch on the leopard. This stitch is a newbie for me so have been taking it slowly. It's a bit scary when you have been used to counted. I think I might have my own mix of long & short in there as well but I am happy enough so far.

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