Monday, 17 June 2013

We Have Scales & A Partial Fur Coat

My Mermaid Treasures scales are looking fabulous. Very happy with the result and loving that sparkly bijoux thread of Amy Mitten's. Just the right amount of bling. Backstitch though took me ages and needed my X3 magnifiers to see where is should go in the tent stitch.

I did a bit of the Essamplaire Casket Leopard fur earlier in the week but have been mainly spending my time on the Mermaids. Lucky I spent a bit of time yesterday afternoon on the Mermaids as we had a weather bomb hit us around 5pm and then no power until nearly 9.30pm so no light to stitch by. Very annoying on a Sunday night but apparently the lines were down as a pole support broke and fire engines were attending.

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