Friday, 10 January 2014

2013 Finishes - 8 Months in Review

I became a member of the blogisphere in May 2013. This is what I accomplished in 8 months and I am proud of myself.
I decided to do this post as I am learning to work with labels on my blog and to declutter before I get too much clutter!!!!

Butterfly Pinkeep - Thistle Threads - Cabinet of Curiosities Class Project

Rose Glove Scissor Keep - Thistle Threads - Cabinet of Curiosties Class Project

Mermaid Needlework Treasures - Amy Mitten

Mini Casket - Thistle Threads

Summer Daiz Quilt

Dollies Quilt


Morning Glory Quilt - Michele Hill
#2 Daughter & Birthday Girl with Claire & Bun Bun


  1. Congratulations on all those finishes.
    May I ask what pattern did you use for the doll?
    A fellow casketeer

  2. Hi there fellow casketeer. Isn't that world such F U N!!!

    The pattern is actually called Clara & Pearl but #2 daughter renamed them. The pattern is by Gingermelon Dolls. She also has an etsy shop


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