Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Farewell and Moving On

A gentle kind soul was farewelled by those who loved him this week after illness took him. He is no longer suffering and for that we are grateful. He lived life with a generosity of spirit.
Leslie David Howan was my Father In Law, he was 85 years old and leaves behind a family who cared greatly for him.
Husband, Father, Father In Law, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.....we will remember
The flower my daughter is named after 'Tiger Lily', a granddaughter
But the living must go on and to that end the memories will endure.
I have made some progress on the Essamplaire casket. I am currently working on the butterfly wings. They are detached buttonhole with venetian picot on the wing tips. Edging closer to finishing this bit.
I have  completed the surface embroidery for the May Your Hands set and we are ready for construction. My goal is to construct all the smaller pieces and complete Lesson #5 before 1st February when the last lesson is posted for the final finishing. Can't believe I have caught up to this point as I was way late starting and finishing all of that sawtooth border...Yipee!!!

Apologies for the not so clear last  photo. I am trying to figure out how to resize in blogger and it's real random hit and miss for sizing the same within a post. aaarrrggghhh

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