Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Two Little Dickie Birds Sitting On A Casket Frieze AND In A Tree

Most of my stitching time this past week has been spent on two projects with a wee little progress on starting another.
My daytime stitching pleasure has been taken up with the two little birdies on the Essamplaire Burrell Casket Reproduction. I hadn't spent any time on this for a while and have been enjoying catching up with it. The lessons have also been posted for some time for the side of this casket and so I want to move on with this frieze portion of the lid. I also completed the branches for the fruit and have done the cordonnet for the leaves of both. Need to now start the detached buttonhole stitch then it is on to the detached butterfly wings and the flower petals before doing the grass and putting some little beads on the birdies for eyes once all the possibility of snagging threads is gone. I am beginning to understand just how much time these 17th century ladies spent on loads of closely packed stumpwork in a relatively small area but then this is a several years long project and one step at a time without looking ahead is working for me.

Getting Closer!
One Little Dickie Bird....just a bead to slip into where the slit is in the needle lace for an eye and he's all done. I love the feathers along his back.
Two Little Dickie Birds....just lovin those tail feathers... awgh I just love the way he turned out.
My night time stitching pleasure has been spending time with my May Your Hands. So so pretty and slowly very slowly progressing. Lots of reverse stitching with this free hand embroidery if the shapes don't turn out quite right.

Two Little Dickie Birds Sitting in a Tree.....maybe they are Peter and Paul.....I hope they don't fly away!
Two sets of leaves awaiting detached buttonhole.
I made the tiniest of starts on the Winter Casket Keepsakes. I need to do the running stitch around the edges.

Oops I got my feet in the piccie. Sorry abut that....jandals can tell I am not living in the Northern polar vortex or storm flooding down here in the warm southern climes.



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  1. Your casket stitching (and everything else!!!!!) is sooooooo gorgeous!!


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