Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Courage Of Ones Convictions

Last week I posted a link on the Cabinet of Curiosities social site that has created quite some comment. It has been a fabulous transitional journey for me and I have  received loads of positive and encouraging feedback as I make the transition from being defined only by my career choice to being defined by what I simply LOVE to do which is to create. After 30 odd years working on and off as an accountant I found myself 18 months ago in a position where I could take time off to be a full time Mum and 'Fibre and Textile Artist'. I finally have come to a point in my life where I will loud and proudly label myself by what defines ME.
The link I came across on one of my many blogging muses was over at the The Textile Blog and was entitled Why Would Anyone Pursue A Creative Path . This was a most enlightening article and opened my eyes to understanding myself as I had been struggling with the lack of interest and outright dismay displayed by many people when they ask 'what is it you do?' . Saying I was a needleworker and interested in 17th century embroidery just wasn't cutting it or getting across my passion for what I do which is not limited to needlework although that is foremost. Most  people just cannot grasp anything other than paint or sculpture as art  and the fibre and textile world has always been undervalued in respect to the skill and time involved in this art. My positivity in my craft needs to be let out!
Whatever project you choose to work on and regardless of whether or not you came up with the original idea  I still consider it art. Even if you are constructing something from a kit or embellishing something to make it your own you are still creating using your skills as an artist. Even the most famous painters copied what already existed in nature and the world around them. To work towards completely original ideas one needs to be grounded in ones craft and the skills cemented. I am still learning but working towards designing my own 17th century style casket and it is no small journey.
So from now on and with passion I will shout from the rooftops that I am an  ARTIST.
As to my achievements this week I think a 'Woe Is Me' might be more appropriate. My time seems to have been sucked up getting the kids sorted and the all the trivia of modern life. It takes a bit to catch up after a long stretch with the kids as your 'adult time' goes on the backburner and I am hoping next week will be more constructive.
Small steps were made on the Floral Glove but it is still languishing in bits on my desk...
The pastoral scene is completed on the Needleworker's Pocketbook and I am plugging away on  the eyelet and satin stitch border. Still heaps of eyelets on this project which sure do take a while. I will be happy to get through this one as I have so much else I want to do but I will jolly well get this done first. I will.



  1. Good for you! Finding your passion and then, in a way, reconfirming it to yourself is a major move forward! Thanks for the link too. I'll be reading that when I've finished here....=)

    Funny thing is, in a way it's been the opposite for me. For a while I've been toying with the idea of creating and selling commercial designs and objects and I've finally realised that, apart from health difficulties, the one major thing that's been stopping me is that I actually view my stitchery as a serious hobby and that, at heart, I'm a Chinese teacher and linguist. I need both really, but I've discovered that I really lack the desire to become a textiles pro.=)

  2. your sampler is beautiful, well done ♥

  3. Needle working is indeed an art form, I have always believed so. It is like painting with a needle and has as ancient a history as any other form of creativity. And like all art forms, there are those who work with small skill, and those who work with great and marvelous skill, like you.


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