Thursday, 6 February 2014

Waitangi Day

It's Waitangi day today. Waitangi Day is a nationwide public holiday here in New Zealand. It is supposed to be about celebrating 'one nation' and New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi was drawn up by the British Government around the mid 1800's and signed by the participating chiefs from the Maori tribes who were the indigenous peoples at the time.
To those of us who are several generations in  and not claiming any Maori descendancy, not that there are any full blooded Maoris left, it is just a yearly cycle of complaint and disruption at the official celebration at a place called Waitangi.
We have very liberal government policies here around settling crown land back to Maori tribes arising from the land wars back at the time of early colonisation. But, will it ever be enough.....the day should be about national pride !!!
Well the kids FINALLY returned to school yesterday after the 6 week summer holidays but now they are on holiday again!!!....all's I got done was the grocery shop yesterday.
Not  a lot of stitching done this week and my crafty space looks like a bombsite.
It took me days just to couch the Elizabethan Twist along with the spangles to the edge of the ribbon for the floral glove. It does look pretty but the ribbon is only pinned onto the cuff. I never made my goal of finishing lesson #5 before #6 was issued but it's not too much to do and I think I will work on it tomorrow before the kids are home 'again' for the weekend.
My room, oh the state of my room. I need to tidy and stash but it takes away my stitching time. Maybe next week for cleanup when are kids are at school for 5 days straight. I suspect I may not be the only stitcher on the planet though with a room that looks like it's in need of attention.

I have been regularly stitching in the evenings on the Needleworker's Pocketbook and it's coming along. Just a tree and a deer to complete on the pastoral scene. It was slow going and parts of it were over one.

I signed up for Amy Mitten's Spring Casket Keepsakes even though I am barely moving on the Winter edition. The floral treats were just too pretty to pass up on and as one of the early orders I am getting the vintage threads. Woo Hoo.
I received my package of the tubular WireLace from Mimi'sGems this week. I ordered a bunch of colourways in the 3mm and 6mm after seeing the stuff used on stumpwork birds & insects by Michele Carragher who embroidered the costumes on the series Game of Thrones. Looking forward to having a play. You can stretch is out horizontally to around 3x it's width and if you pull it vertically it will go back to original size.



  1. Que lindo trabajo, precioso.
    Mi cuarto de trabajo esta muy parecido al tuyo. Algun dia lo ordenare.
    Saludos desde Chile

  2. You have the most beautiful things on your blog! Such a talented stitcher you are!!!! I have spent all my free time this morning looking through yours posts. lol Now its time to get up and get dressed for work. So much for email responses. lol


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