Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Quartet Of Leaves And A Sweetie

The leaves for the mirror are done, done, done, done...finally! They have now been set aside until required near the end of the canopy/drape making process.

I have couched the wire to the support structure but have not yet made a start on the needle lace. Hopefully soon but not for want of trying it is just that life and chores just keep getting in the way as we all know!

I also had a finish finish this past week. It was a super quick and small stitch so was easy to knock this project on the head. I completed the sweetest little scissor fob from the Sheperd's Bush Fold series. It's just too divine for words. I am loving the colour of the linen in this project, the beautiful colour palette of over dyed threads and the overdyed ribbon just finishes this off a treat.

Fabulous....'My Home'.... Scissor FOB....

I live in the semi rural countryside and so am loving the rural vista style of this collection. So glad I decided to go ahead and sign up for the series.

I have given Anne Lawle a rest this week after all that tent over one the past couple of weeks on the gentleman and have picked up my kit again for Amy Mitten's Winter Casket Keepsakes. I am having fun with this just trickling along in the evening. 

Here's my completed pieces so far....

I just love working with that twisted personality thread located in that nest at the bottom of the photo. It sure has a mind of it's own but for some reason I can relate to that....lol

I am about to start the couching of the wire thread on that spiral piece in the middle....cool!

I was spurred on again to pick this up as Amy sent an email out last week to say that the Summer kit was on it's way and it starts on 21st June....our winter solstice in this hemisphere. Spring is still waiting in the queue too!!!! 

Then look what the postie delivered today....squeals of delight at my house....this butterfly and beetle are SO DARN FABULOUS

Amy's creations and her fabulous kits and instructions are beyond amazing and she totally surprises you each and every new project. 

Maybe I can manage to do all these  Amy projects in line with our seasons down here far south of the equator!!!!

Hope your week is as fun as mine is turning out to be.

Rae H

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  1. Gosh you are one clever person! I love the scissor fob.


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