Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bullet Bitten, Lesson Learnt & What A Difference A Wire Makes

It's done, I bit the bullet and am re-making the leaves. Thanks to Francesca for confirming my suspicions that the first leaves were not really working out, not because of my technique but because of the type of wire I had used the first time. The diameter was just too thick for the purpose. Francesca suggested that it really needs to be about the same diameter as the thread you are using which when pointed out by someone with loads of knowledge suddenly makes perfect sense. I needed to flick the switch sooner and turn that light bulb on and I wouldn't have spent so much time pfaffing about with the first lot. But I am so very happy that I decided to have another go as they are way, way superior and now look for the most part like the photos Tricia showed in the course.

So I set aside the 'pretty' but not fit for purpose wire and went rummaging in my stash. I found some Gilt 6 end silk that is nice and fine. It works. It keeps the shape of the leaf nicely as it doesn't compete with the 32 gauge couched wire outline.

Two hours later, cos that's how long it takes to make one leaf from couching the wire at the start to wrapping the stem at the end, I have a finished leaf that really looks like a leaf....fabulous....take a isn't that better!

This is how they will look when attached....nice....

Of course, I have since re-read Tricia's instructions and did see some mention of wire types she used, should have done that first maybe but we all know what that is like and I wouldn't have learnt my lesson then....would I !!!

I am a happy camper now though....two done and off to make two more....

Rae H

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  1. You got it ! It's perfect ! 6 end, great idea too.
    It's always good to decide to re-do something when one realizes it's not what wanted because your eyes will always "go there" knowing there is something so so.
    It's incredible how the right thread in the right place makes the difference, in the past I've learned the lesson too's so good we can share each other our knowledge and be helpful. Waiting to see the Mirror growing !


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